Managing your RP-Wardrobe. Any hints?


So, with RP starting to kick off here on Hydra, I just wanted to ask my fellow roleplayers: how do YOU manage your wardrobe sets?
Currently I only have a casual set for my time in the city and my “work gear” in an extra colored bag, and the moment I need to rush out of town, I vanish into the nearest phone booth…errr… secondary street and switch it all manually.
But my bank account already holds some additional stuff for “special occasions”, and I fear soon there will be 2-3 sets to choose between.
Is there maybe already any kind of addon out there for Classic which is able to save and reload wardrobe sets?


You earned that pink hat, and you’ll wear it!

On a serious note, I just bank cool stuff I find. I’ll probably be in my actual armor I have though with some minor adjustments not to make it look hideous.


I pre-planned my characters outfit on Wowhead’s Classic Dresser, and have been planning my questing accordingly to pick up what I can piece by piece. People don’t give vanilla gear the credit it deserves; a lot of it is very charming in its simplicity, and you can mix and match to make all varieties of outfits. Currently working on making a cloth set that appears mail/leather, which is going decently.


Yes, definitely.
Due to the fact that I only played WoW till the Burning Crusade showed up, I never came in touch with the later recoloring features and just learned to work with what the vanilla outfits had to offer. And that’s already a lot. :wink:
I personally unfortunately don’t have the time to quest and raid specifically for a certain item, so I mainly keep on the lookout in my random drops and the auction house for an interesting piece, and once I find something that matches a rough idea, I start building from there in the hope I find fitting additions by chance. Till then, it rests in my bank.

But back to my main question. Actually I didn’t meant how you “plan” a future wardrobe. Instead I was wondering how you manage your inventory once you have them. I still remember that in the old days I had a small tool which was able to remember a combination, placing it in an internal saveslot and redress your character in an instant once you reactive the slot. Unfortunately I have no idea how it was named, but anyway, till now I also didn’t find something similar in the late addon releases for Classic.


I have a note in my roleplay profile (not visible to anyone but me) with all my roleplay gear listed in it. I also keep my main set in a particular bag in the bank. That’s about it!


Currently I’m just storing a bunch of items that I may use for RP gear later on the bank, because, well, I’m still low level, so space is an issue. That’s pretty much how I did it back in the day. Either I kept my RP gear on the bank and switched if necessary, or I carried a few items around in my back to be able to switch on the fly. Never used any tools for that, just good old memory. Hardest was not to accidentally sell the stuff ; )


Yes, basically same here. :smile:
A tiny tool which simply lets you flag an item as “DoNotSellUnderAnyCircumstancesOnlyOverMyDeadBody” would already be really useful. :wink:


Like a true Chad, I PvE in my RP gear. Damned if I’ll be looking like a clown while tanking SM Cath. Healers will just have to pick up the slack. :sunglasses:


If we go down, we at least go down in style! :smile:


Glares disapprovingly


I am sure he meant this in honor of all the capable healers who manage to keep him in one piece. Because, if he chooses the wrong ones to share his adventures, he will look like Stitches after two weeks of hero work. :wink:


Regarding your question of addons, I’m not 100% certain but I believe the version Classic is running on prevents addons moving items around (at least, the two bag addons I’ve used don’t have sorting on Classic but do on Retail). Outfitter used to be the addon to use for this but, again, I don’t think it was available in Vanilla and there isn’t a classic version yet.


I never used an addon for my outfits, I just used the bank.
Or as I called it: My walk in closet.
Every slot in every tab: Dresses and accessories :slight_smile:


Yep. My bank was just full of RP gear. Half of which never got used but it looked “cool” so, like the hoarder I am, I hid it away for a rainy day.


I want to mine stuff. What? No space ever in the bank. I want to quest, what? No space ever in my inventory to pick up drops. Five rp outfits? Just the beginning. Fortunately I mostly settle for a main attire then, that I use most.


I find using an addon to make “sets” limits me. When I collect a piece I wish to keep I just chuck it in the bank. And when I feel like dressing up I pick through the pieces until I come up with an outfit that suits the occation (and looks pretty).

For everyday use I am keeping a complete rp outfit in my backpack along with a couple fancy robes.


To answer your question, I used to use an addon called Wardrobe back in the vanilla and TBC days that did everything you mentioned in your post.

Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a working version for Classic WoW.

The original 1.12 release is still online here

But I have no idea if it works with Classic WoW. I strongly suspect that it will not, given that the base code for Classic is based off BFA and probably not compatible.


My bank consists of three sections:

  • Books, notes & other fluff (like, my certificate of thievery!). Just because.
  • Flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.
  • RP apparel.

Occasionally, I have to get rid of some flowers (or use them) to make room for more clothes!