Maria Mafia?

Hello Judgement,

I am new on this server and every Alliance player who see me ask" Are you Mariamafia". No i am not. But today in Eastern Plaguland mariamafia contacted me, threatened and insulted me to not farm Blac Lotus. I reported 3 or 4 his/her Accounts because of Insulting and threating me. WTF is this??? Who is this NOT normal person and why GMs not doing anything? I block him, another second he write from another Account and insult and threat again.

Anyway, like i said i am new on the server and i hope i find a nice, friendly Raiding guild.

So long good drops for all of you.

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Krystallya here (Judgement)
He has threatened me as well. I have already opened a ticket. Not only he is cheating, but if you disrupt his bots he starts harrasing you with obscene language. There are lil kids playing this game and that obscene language and harrasment should not be allowed.

I will take in consideration a police report.

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This is sadly the state of this server. Perfect place to bot and farm for later transfers.

Mariamafia has been reported tons of times, doesn’t seem to help.

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