Mark of dargrul gutted

What gives Blizzard, it’s useless now…

Was it nerfed? I don’t see any blue posts about this. Source?

Before today it hit everything ifo you for 40k, today it’s split among everything ifo you. If you have one, try it on the dummies and see for yourself.

Blizzard tends to hotfix stuff without letting the players know. It just so happens that we noticed it while playing today.

its to stop people from obsessing it and grinding it :slight_smile:

what is ifo?

in front of

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:smiley: So they just fixed it no big deal

Every other trinket does less damage the more enemies it targets, if this did the max damage to all enemies, it was clearly broken.


Yeah, was just about to comment on that… 40k on every target in front of you? That’s insane.

This trinket was always trash damage wise i was positively surprised seeing it doing 8/9% on some dps.

They could have simply toned the damage down a bit.

I don’t get why they break dungeon trinket so quick.

By break, you meant “fix”?

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Isn’t it 100% shared + 15% per target hit up to 5? The same way every other cleave trinket now works?

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It wasn’t broken, very strong sure, i am okay with “fixing” it, but if that means putting it back into the trash. Maybe it would have been cool to give a look at it in general.

Ye it wasn’t that broken, did about 7-9% of my damage as blood in a 19+ key. It was fine. Could have been toned down a little I suppose but the split completely ruined it again.

Not to mention the line was actually pretty small, you’d have to line up everything perfectly in order to hit everything.

Well if they made tanking trinkets half decent we wouldn’t have to grind for this boring trink.

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Ah, that’s why NL was the most difficult key to get into as a tank.
Maybe it will be easier now :slight_smile:
Good job, Blizz.

i alctually like my neltharions lair tank trinket. together wih my celestial brew i got over 1 mio absorb shield with 50% dmg reduction.
feels better than a little bit more dmg

it takes literally 2 seconds to figure out how the trinket works by just checking a log. But no better complain on the forum about feelycraft without knowing how the trinket works :blush:

nothing about the trinket is different you just werent paying as much attention as you thought

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