Mark of the Sentinax in BFA

Does ANYONE have any advice on how to complete this part of the broken shore questline faster? I am doing this old content as I really want the class mount, but have found that because no one does old Legion content, the marks of sentinax are taking an age to collect. I have been at it for 2-3 hours and so far I have opened around 4 or 5 portals and have 16 out of 50 marks. Is there any quicker way of doing this? Am I doing it wrong? Or is it really just a slog I have to put up with? Halp.

First option made a group. Every portal defeted one of your member,and you can loot all of them. 2nd try to find a farming group e.g. Naxt Victim achiev. During this will summon a toon portal, so you can easily farm the 50 mark.

Wait for the Nether Disruptor building to be up and then buy [Nether Portal Disruptor]s from the vendor at base camp, this will massively improve the droprate. Of course, grouping up with others is still recommended if you can find more people, ideally you wanna combine those 2 things.

You might want to form your group by asking for more people in trade chat btw, as it’s not the sort of achievement that people are actively keeping an eye on the group finder for.


Read these 2 comments for more useful information:

Make group in group finder in quest section.

When anyone open portal make sure your party cover all portals and kill everything and loot everything.

It just hard to find people who have keys to open portal. Also don’t forget to ask in general chat.

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