Mark Your Calendars: The Journey to the Dragon Isles Begins 28 November

Hurray! I can’t wait!

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Very very hyped.

Evoker, Druid and DH all felt super good on the beta recently. Cant wait to get rid of Shadowlands and embrace Azeroth again.


Pre-patch when?

Give early longer lasting pre-patch pretty please.

The Druid class tree is still awful, however.

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When are we seeing the global launch time, im assuming 11pm like usual for GB?

26th of october. 5 weeks to try DF pre patch!


So the Beta (which I do not have) is not like the PTR (full of omissions, errors, bugs etc) ?

On the PTR I am almost always, I mean 95% of the time, in Demonic form. Is that what you mean, “felt super good” ? To me it is bugged like h*ll!

Feels rushed but they were always going to rush it. I’m only interested in havoc and it feels a bit of a mess at the moment. Not a fan of the illogical skill trees though I’ve only played a few hours.

I want this to be good, I really do but I’m not hopeful at this point but I’d be delighted to be wrong.

Surprise me please Blizzard. (Oh please reconsider group loot only - the concept sounds awful to a non-guided pugger)

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nice, we all are live server alpha testers at 28. nov


May as well release 1 day early on my birthday then.

u forgot the 2 weeks pre-patch it is imprten to do pre-patch !

yes you can make Evoker in pre-patch and do pre-patch event and SL content with it !

you can also do Cromie time as 60 if you party sync and get ilvl 246 ( you can do this on current beta even on azarite gear )


Me too

Today they announce yet another trailer

Without fixing missing dialogue in Shadowlands playing in Dragonflight is meaningless

Three different stats to go for (crit, haste, mastery) and a proper full class talent tree are definitely big changes and improvements, yes.

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You don’t have to no life at a computer during all festivities 12 hours a day. Spend 6 with family and 6 playing,cut down on sleep and make it 6 hours with family and 10 playing. Where is the problem?

Personally I love playing during Christmas time, it gives me feels of being a kid, warm,cosy with snow outside the window, clicking buttons playing the game I love.

Christmas is 1-2 days to celebrate, few more days to drink for new year. For bigger families perhaps a week of action. Yet again, you can play easily 4-6 hours a day without dismissing your family.

Christmas is not about min maxing it’s about enjoying.


that is if you aren’t working it.

Can’t say I really see a reason currently to mark it in my calendar as Guardian Druid. :confused:

Called the date, woot.

…why am I not excited? :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe it’s because I figured that is when it would be. I was more excited when I knew it was going to be -this- year and figured, surely it will have to be end Nov. Hopefully when the pre-patch hits my excitement will return.