Marks of Honor in Season of Discovery

Any news on pre made situation in BGs?

I just got a new idea of pet name for regrinding to exalted, thanks :slight_smile:


Trying to say lava lash isnt dead is ridiculous.

You only have to check out ironforge pro to see how small that server is, yangkai is litterally the only player i know from that server.

And while him and me have had some disputes, without a doubt hes correct here, lava lash either needs help, or transfers need opening.

3k players moving to another realm wont break the spine of any server. But would greatly long term make those players experience far better.

Josh tweeted, a garuntee that if servers dwindle in population, solutions would come and they wouldnt leave players stuck, its time to deliever on that statement.


I mean you took a risk and decided to try and exploit getting rep, honor & XP when P2 dropped. You also knew this was in the pipeline so you should have handed in those tokens in for rep when you had the chance. You can’t blame anyone except yourself for betting against the odds that it would be removed from the game before P2 hits.


There is not exploit in getting rep, each mark is always worth the same. And again I don’t care about honor since we will reach rank 6 very quickly, and xp I thought it was fun to win an extra lvl, isn’t it the goal of SoD ? rediscovering new aspects of the game ? I don’t even follow the classic community drama that much, there was not betting against odds whatsoever. I was just having fun stocking enough marks for 1 lvl and enough to get me to exalted.

Can you tell me how exactly getting one single level from 15hours of WSG grind is worse morally than getting to lvl 30 under 15 minutes with a quest log full on p2 release? In this case all quests completed before p2 release should only reward gold and no xp ? or is this a double standard ?

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Please tell me you are that smart so you understand the difference here…


did u read blue post?

  • During maintenance on February 6, we will purge any that are already in players’ mailboxes.

20 stacked quest turn ins won’t even get you 1 level; let alone 5 levels

Cool. Let’s talk about premades now.

You’re living in lala land if you think stacking 20 quest’s is going to get you 5 levels lol. At best you will get like 1.5 lvls if you have lots of red and orange quests.

The difference is that you used a system that is not intended to allow you to farm an infinite amount of BG tokens and just restore them back into your mailbox for 30 days. They have a maximum stack of 20 for a reason. They also disappear in your mailbox in a day or so, which again is intended to give you a bit of cushioning. You had more than enough time to turn them in and pretty much had prior warning it was going to happen.

You have literally told us in the forums that you thought it would be fun to exploit a system by saving enough tokens to get one level and claim what is the harm in this? The harm is that you’ll have people who went further than only saving enough for 1 lvl and have stacked thousands of marks with this exploit, thus rendering P2 lvling completely invalid. They would also have probably accumulated enough honor from those turn ins to smash the p2 max rank in less than a day. It’s probably another reason why BGs have been completely decimated by premades going well late into phase 1. But hey now we will get a match making system that could be absolutely garbage because greedy players again want to exploit the system and miss out on content.


The ULTIMATE Horde Pre-Quest Guide! 25-29 Instantly!

1 seconde on youtube and wou will find hundreds of those guide.

With the following parameters it would have taken you 1800 wsg marks or 180:30 hours, playing 8h per day that would have taken you 20 days, there is 14 day until launch. To hit lvl 29 it would take you 5 day of playing full time WSG. I also don’t think you realise how bad doing wsg 8h per day makes you feel.

|WSG time min:15 |Winrate: 75%|Average marks pr. WSG 2,5|Marks pr hour10|

The problem is the marks cannot be recovered already as they were 1 week ago

Sounds like you are trash at the game. Wsg win rate should be 100%, and win time 10 mins. Also it was way less than 1800 marks to hit 29. Its a bit more than 1k xp per turn in from 25 to 29. 25-29 = 160k xp, so 580 marks, or a bit less than 27 hours.

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Sounds like you didn’t graduate high school yet, no 100% is impossible unless you are gladiator / rank 1 premade, you face a lot of other premade too, 1 every 2 games on average, winning half is a fair assumption, the win time is 10 minute but you also need to add the queue time of 4-5 minutes.

25-29 is around 49h our of WSG with same conditions, so 5 days of playing 8h of WSG, that’s a full time. if you can do it in 27h I can really recommend you present yourself to the blizcons finals, you are most likely very gifted

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99% of premades are complete garbagr and fold in around 10 mins. Personnaly i farmed around 400 marks in around 20 hours in 3 days around xmas time. I didnt do it in a trade chat premade though.

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I am from Lava Lash and we dont want more people who doesnt care of RP.
We are enought even if the horde loose 95% af AV events and be rape by the premade in BG.
We can make raid until midnight and its true after that the server is a little bit sleepy. But we dont need more GDKP players or farmers :wink:


You must have been really good at the game, an average of 3.5 marks per 10 minutes when a wsg + queue time is 10 minutes minimum for 3 marks, you are so good at the game you can even create 0.5 marks out of thin hair per /10 minute played, gz !

well against pugs wins are around 7 mins, and horde has around no q time, maybe max 1 min. to be fair, there were way less premades a month ago

lol You clearly have not done any premades. Just get everyone gs 340 with 4 epic wep warriors, feral, 2 WG/ss boomie, 3 priest and you will win 20/0. ( average session time)

Yeah cause that’s not at all the average comp everyone runs