Marksmanship SALVO talent bugged

When casting Volley it doesn’t apply Explosive Shot. Also the 2 set piece which launches Volley doesn’t apply Explosive Shot either.

btw just played solo shuffle where shaman healer didn’t link once when with me and linked all 3 rounds against me :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

one solo shuffle is enough for the rest of the season

It’s not when you cast volley - it’s when you press salvo and then volley. Unless you have the macro it won’t automatically do it.

It’s not supposed to.

It’s not bugged. I’ve played hundreds of games since patch, including shuffle, and Salvo has always launched Explosive shots with the next Volley.

Regarding the second question, salvo does work with the procced Volley from Rapid fire too.

Maybe you missed your volley and so explosive shot didnt apply. So far I have not encountered any strange bugs to salvo

Ah yea guys ur right nvm! Totally forgot Salvo is not passive :smiley:

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