Marksmanship spec bonuses

no, why? :nerd_face:

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easy s3 not even question

You are a BM troll (as in antagonizer) trying to sabotage Marksmanship hunter’s idea of fun. I checked your warcraft logs and didnt even play as MM.

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i loved my mm for years, but S3 is not my thing…first time played other spec with my hunt. But i wont cry if s3 wins

If they want to pick the worst set bonus for us, then we can do the same for them :slight_smile:

Truee… they should be careful :wink: MM revenge !

Im not going to bother with that, it’s too petty. Besides, karma has a way of finding it’s prey.

Lets say season 3 with better secondary stats and improved bonusses? Because winning lottery is easier than proccing 4 set bonus.

Don’t know what you’re talking about, it procs all the time.
That being said, a deterministic way to proc it would be nice, but they’re not gonna change it.

For example:

35/10*0,03 = 10,5% chance to proc for an Aimed Shot cast. If you consider how limited hunter spenders are, it is pretty low. It would be around 18%-20% to make it worth stat loss.

Also don’t forget to Surging Shots talent intersections are handicap. If you take Windrunner’s Guidance, it also has an intersection. I will make a detailed analysis in a new topic soon.

Yes it’s kind of low, but it still procs regularly. It doesn’t just proc off of AS but also ES and MS/AS.

I don’t know what “stat loss” you’re talking about.

I was pretty happy when WG was fixed and I could stop playing BM, and honestly MM in S3 is insanely fun. The proc rate of RF could be a bit higher that’s true, but I still prefer S3 over S2 and S1

S3 set but without the trick shot part, right now that part is useless in pvp.

Kaivax can you and your team please look more closely at 4set which we currently have? Many of us mm hunters think the proc rate 3% is too low and needs a buff to at least 6%

Lock and Load talent also needs to be looked at. To make our spec more fluid the aimed proc needs a slight buff proc from 8% to 15%

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