Marksmanship spec bonuses

For this specialization, in Season 4, I would like the bonuses (updated) from:

Für diese Spezialisierung wünsche ich mir in Saison 4 die (aktualisierten) Boni aus:

Para esta especialización y en la temporada 4, me gustarían los bonus (actualizados) de:

Pour cette spécialisation, dans la saison 4, je préfère les bonus (actualisés) issus de :

Per questa specializzazione, nella Stagione 4, vorrei i bonus (aggiornati) della:

  • Season 1 / Saison 1 / Temporada 1 / La saison 1 /Stagione 1
  • Season 2 / Saison 2 / Temporada 2 / La saison 2 /Stagione 2
  • Season 3 / Saison 3 / Temporada 3 / La saison 3 /Stagione 3
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Set bonus from S1
*2-Set Arcane Shot & Multi-Shot critical hits cause your next Aimed Shot to cause the target to bleed for 40% of damage dealt over 6 seconds.
*4-Set Ranged auto-attacks have a 15% chance to give your next Arcane Shot or Multi-Shot 100% chance to critically hit.

Feedback: I think this 2 set was bad overall since arcane shot is not a guaranteed crit also when it did crit the bleeding from aimed would just refresh and didnt stack with the last aimed bleed. 4set was just bad.
Also we have to play more around rapid fire during trueshot since it hits twice than aimed. So I see no point spamming arcane+aimed only to get bleed on someone when you can hit more with rapid fire.

Set bonus from S2
*2-Set Arcane Shot/Chimeara Shot and Multi-Shot deal 10% increased damage and have a 8% chance to grant you the Deathblow effect.
4-Set Kill Shot damage increased by 15%, and Kill Shot reduces the cooldown of Rapid Fire and Aimed Shot by 0.5 seconds.

Feedback: I liked this set however but I think this set is outmatched by the current set we have. I liked the kill shot procs and the DMG increase to it. Its a good set for arena and 1v1 because it doesnt aoe (which can break traps) however its not a good set for raids/dungeons/BGs since it doesnt have aoe and we lose DMG. Kill Shot also reduced our main abilities by 0.5 sec which has no value and should have been at least 3 sec.

Set bonus from S3
*2-Set Rapid Fire deals 20% extra damage. Casting Rapid Fire during Trick Shots causes it to activate a Volley on the target.
*4-Set Every 10 Focus you spend has a 3% chance to reset the cooldown of Rapid Fire and cause your next Rapid Fire to fire 100% additional shots during its channel.

Feedback: This set is really, really good because you can make use of the 2set every single time with multishot → rapid fire. Its a bit bad in arena since multishot activates when it hits 3 targets, and its impossible to make fully use of this set in arena unless you go with Bombardment Talent (Kill shot grants Trick Shots effect’ and even with it you cant make use of this set to the fullest like in BGs/dungeons/raids. Its a bit bad against single target bosses but its manageable if you pick Bombardment Talent which makes Trick Shots proc from pressing Kill Shot, thus making the 2set proc.

However its very powerful in aoe enviroment where mobs and players stack together in BGs and pve. I really liked the set because it has volley in-built and the visual effects are cool to watch.

4-set: the only thing I didnt like about it is it got nerfed from 40% to 60% in pvp and I do think its a hard hit to our dmg. Should of stayed at 40%. However its good for pve and for pvp its a bit bad (60% nerf) but it is tolerable since the entire set revolves around rapid fire and when everything procs you do ALL the damage in ONE rapid fire. I would also like to see the 4set proc more often and I believe the proc rate has to go up from 3% focus spent to 6% proc every 10 focus spent since it only procs 2 times at average in a minute (tested).

Summarization: In my opinion S2 set is the clear winner for Arena. But I would have to go for S3 set since I play BGs a lot more than I play arena. It has good aoe dmg and also has volley in-built. Im doing far more DMG with this set than the previous sets in BGs and Raids. Im not sure what other MM hunters think but I am sure that they would pick S3 set aswell since most of us play in BGs, raids and dungeons. And the MM hunters playing arena is a miniscule percentage of MM players.


dude i love s1 bonus, it was so good


Season 3 is the obvious choice.Milking the 2p bonus to keep aoe active without multishot feels very good and promotes an aggressive playstye in m+. Hope it becomes baseline in the future.


??? go touch grass

Don’t be mean to each other pls …

S3 Set is just the most fun I had with MM in a while, I’d love to keep it that way, haven’t played with S1, but… I am not biggest fan of Multi/Arcane shots


I hope that’s an irony :slight_smile:

Season 1 - most boring set ever (weak bleed that gets overridden by itself and doesn’t stack)

No idea who would vote for this :smiley:

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By far, the best Tier Set is from season 3.
Season 1. 4 set bonus is doing nothing for the DMG because most of the Arcane and Multishots are critical without the 4 set bonus, so for what was it good for? Without Double Tap, the Season 1 Tier Set is good for nothing.
Season 2 Tier Set was the worst of all 3.
Please vote for TS 3.


S 3 not even a question


With bated breath and fervent hope, I fervently pray for the serendipitous drop of my prized set bonus.

S3 Tierset is very fun, but it still doesn’t work on some bosses (Volcoross’ center is too far away to use volley, so it doesn’t recast with rapid fire)

Yeah, someone was trolling us, because in the morning Season 1 was in the lead, which was shocking, but now things are turning out well

I was very surprised with the S1 support since it’s a very passive and a quite boring (not engaging) playstyle. Im genuinely curious to find out what was great about it in the eyes of the S1 fans. Where can you see the poll by the way? EDIT: Never mind, I had to disable adblock to make it show the poll.

We could petition for the 2p bonus to become baseline. I’ve spoken to other hunters and they would love to keep it too. Also, I’ve never had to use misdirect so much with this since I just pull the next pack with that one second I have left to trigger trick shots. It’s very pro-active but not without risk. But meh yolo. The fun is here!

2 possible explanations that I can think of:

  • some people got confused this is about the visuals of the set (there is a separate poll for that) and S1 is popular, so they voted S1 :smiley:
  • or, some people intentionally wanted to pick the worst set to “nerf” MM hunters

Yeah xD MM life in nutshell, love these bugs, I refrained from mentioning, but glad I am not the only one suffering haha

That’s quite disgusting but hardly surprising. We are a very bitter race. On your first point, it’s valid since the news was titled awkwardly by insinuating that it was about transmog. That’s on them. All we need now is to have a petition on getting the 2p S3 bonus baseline and we might even see more active MM players in The War Within.


Plz vote for S3 to save the MM spec
Love U