Massacre turning execute into condemn animation

pisses me off. I dont want that and dozens off others also not. Its stupid. Give us a glyph already! It got asked for already before the expansion and you just never give a f***. Thats even more tilting.

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Agree or not, fact is:
Warrior will see no changes untill next expansion. So just grit your teeth or bite into the pillow

It is what it is

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I am constantly getting War Machine procs in PvP (e. g. BGs) even though I am not taking part in player kills and my team is doing all the work. Bug or intended? Talent reads “Killing an enemy […]”, which I would interpret as being actually actively involved in the killing

It is working as intended, it activates whenever a team-mate or yourself kills a viable target. You do not need to be engaged in combat yourself.

Enjoy your free MS all fight long.

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