Massive lag in Gorgrand, Draenor

Please fix the lag in Gorgrand, Draenor . It is unplayable since a couple of days back.


ah thought it was just me but yeah horrible lags in gorgrond

Its close to impossible to level there right now, have had a few times where my character get stuck on the flightpath mount and it wont fly anywhere, this has been an issue since way back from the looks of it.

Experiencing the same problem - huge lag since entering Gorgrond. Only leaving the area solves the problem.

You can tank the thousands of druid bots at hyper farms in there farming 24/7. Same goes for Suramar in Legion.

Its so annoying, the lag just decimates the leveling experiance :confused: please fix it

Same. It’s pretty annoying

The lag is due to the amount of druid bots in the area. I’ve seen LOADS of different places all over WoW having the same problem due to bots. Seems Blizzard can’t control them, even though it’s ruining the game for everyone.

Fix pls :’(

the lag is still there, already 50 days and still no resolution of this problem. are you going to do something about it?

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Fun fact: you’re no longer target audience. Enjoy.

Yeah, its unplayable. It would be awesome if least we would get a blue post. Anyone?

Really terrible and unable to do anything in that zone

still happening now

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