Mawful horde Guild recruiting!

Hi all, hope all is well and you’re having a good festive season…
Well as good as we can due to this pandemic?

To summarise things, Mawful are recruiting to push higher mythic keys and organise raid nights. (ALSO random events for poops and gigs)
Were a mostly British guild at this moment in time of a few buddies which are wanting to widen our roster to enjoy and learn end game content with you.

Were pretty relaxed with decent knowledge on raiding and organising a group, with flexible times to occompany all who join us and hopefully build a decent community.

Yet we are a small group I feel this is better to keep “in-touch” with our community but always happy to broaden our scope!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me for a chat to understand what Mawful is all about and a later invite to the guilds discord if you seem happy with aiding us in this new expansion!
Contact me via discord on : Blakery#1472

You can also catch me on Bnet at : BlakeMRG#2375
We are a horde guild as well just incase anyone gets confused. We will not be associated with the puny scum!

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