Max amount of friends on battlenet


Since last year ive had to delete other friends to add new one’s.
As someone who plays loads of games on battle net

  • WoW
  • Hearthstone
  • Diablo
  • Overwatch
  • soon classic .

It saddens me that they still didnt increase the limit on how much friends you can have on battle net


Prob expected to form a Blizz community.

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This aint Facebook you aren’t supposed to add any Tom, Dick and Harry.

There’s no way you have meaningful game connections with them all.

(Uldurin) #4

What is the limit?


I dont even kno whats the limit but how did you even cap it ?

I agree with Someoneelse above…
Do you just random invite people or ?


Yes, I have no idea, first of all I have to say I find myself in the same situation with another aspect of the game: I need more character slots than 100, provided by 2 battle net accounts and can’t afford a 3rd, don’t want it to impact my in game income so much and I’m poor IRL, so despite me occasionally farming stuff on all and having no space to delete any, I get people saying, what can you possibly use more than 1 for? So maybe other people are able to keep in touch with 200 people.

However personally, even having something like 178 people in FL atm, not sure exactly, there’s absolutely no way I can write to everyone, I could answer everyone but I’m mostly a solo player anyway, so if it’s not me writing to someone very rarely the opposite happens, so not gonna delete anyone ofc but the only ones I can consider important are around 50, and of those probably only 20 that I’d hate losing.

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You need help.

being slightly serious, the amount of time it takes for maintain those alts you could bump up your real income but quite a bit.


If you like raiding hardcore, raid hardcore, don’t tell other people what to do with their time!

If you don’t make money IRL you can also not play wow, doesn’t make your income better.

(Ланабеникова) #9

I have gladiator / rbg friends , some contacts from pieces and method. Mine is full too. I’m confused to who to delete from btag when I will add someone new.

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