Meh guild are scamers and liers

The MEH guild in Unstopable’s face stole a BIJ 3-4 item from the raid in response to comments that it was necessary to split it into the raid, he wrote that if I don’t go down he would kick me from the raid. after the tiger’s boss, another man wrote to him that this is incorrect; I also wrote that yes it’s not true since the rules were different and this is important. In response to this, he kicked me from the raid and maybe that member, too, I wrote in a world chat that he threw contact with the guild master, which was not followed by Nikakov’s feedback. but his co-guildman with the name Terabyte told me that I will have problems and he will show me if I don’t stop talking about the MEH guild and his co-guild badly and started writing in a general chat, I stole 500 gold from people on dethrole from people

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