Meltdown (11/11HC, 1/11M) Recruiting for Mythic Progression!


Meltdown is a guild that was formed with the idea & passion to craft a guild that has a vision to push progression whilst also maintaining a social & welcoming atmosphere for it’s players and community.

Our Goal

At Meltdown, we aim to achieve ahead of the curve and transition into doing Mythic raids when ready enough to do so. We welcome new players to trial with us, but in the interests of progress and to continue to achieve great things, we must sometimes ask people to sit out, so that the guild as a whole can move forward.

What We Expect

  • We expect players to be able to play their character to the highest standard
  • We expect players to not involve themselves in drama or behave in a toxic or detrimental way
  • We expect players to consistently perform and attend our raids and events
  • We expect players to always put the needs of the guild first, above themselves

What You Can Expect From Us

  • Decisive and cohesive leadership
  • Progression & a good atmosphere
  • Mythic plus runs for gearing and score
  • An active & professionally run discord

If you are interested in joining, you can contact the guild master on or discord:

Discord - Spellcastin#2389 - Deadlyfeet#2132896

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