Mercenary mode - Dragonflight

Does anybody know how mercenary mode will work for the Drakthyr? Will they look the same when in mercenary mode or will it change the appearance?

I know it won’t matter to most people but I use mercenary mode as a horde more often than not.

I mean, pandaren don’t change in merc mode; it’ll probably be the same story.

Although, now that I think about it, I made a vulpera to do casual PvP because I wanted merc mode… but it’s going to turn me into…???

Maybe I’ll stay loyal to the horde after all :weary:


Thank you, I hope they do stay the same like the Pandaren, so you can see your customisation even during Mercenary :slight_smile:

A mechagnome. Well i mean, the cheat death is good… :’)

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At least… I will still be tiny.

I was mostly worried it’d turn me into a kul’tiran :joy_cat:

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