Merge DID not happen!

Purely making this post for clarity. I don’t mean to do anything except convey information, that I personally find important:

The servers hellfire/arathor and nagrand/kilrogg/runetotem, have NOT merged. The merge never happened, and have yet to happen as of 10th of August.

My intention here is purely to let Blizzard know. They probably already do know. But as they haven’t addressed it yet, there is no way for us to know if they know.

My previous attempt of making a support ticket did not work out, and purely resulted in me being talked down to; I simply did not understand how the merge was supposed to work. Implying that they thought it in fact had been successful.

I now see the new sticky post, and it doesn’t really answer the question. It’s a very vague post, and I wish Blizzard would simply admit that their previous attempt was unsuccessful, and as a result at least gather a bit of respect from my side. But that might just be a pipe dream.


Indeed, so I wonder what they were doing in those 8 hours downtime lol

I put up a post in support forum now about it also, but no answer yet atleast, and it does look realy wierd hole thing

Just posting cause as someone who plays on many realms, I have a dk on arathor, hellfire, kilrogg before they were connected, I noticed on population label and on who that they have NOT been connected, so I recommend blizzard to check again inside your team cause there must be some miscommunication problem.

May I actually suggest people who see this to like the OP post? More likes might get blizzard attention that their connection didn’t actually work.

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They keep announcing merging of new servers. While still after second attempt, not even addressing that they could not complete this merge. I am out of words.

“We couldn’t merge some servers in eu - hey!, lets merge a bunch of servers in US and annouce them”

Mission accomplished, blizzard finally admitted the connection failed!

So the merger is delayed indefinitely? A bit sad, I was looking forward to this :frowning:

Edit: Found the blue post

“We’ve encountered some issues with the connections of the following realms: The Kilrogg, Nagrand, and Runetotem realms connecting with the Arathor and Hellfire realms. We are actively looking into solving these issues and hope to have more information to share in the coming days.”

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