Merge Judgement or open free transfer with/to another server

Ironforgepro demographics for Judgement
241 raiders last week. All alliance.

Most of us are players who migrated here to escape the few initial servers at launch because of extreme queues. You opened free migrations and asked players to use the opportunity to spread the playerbase on more servers. We listened.

Initially the server was great. Good balance and plenty of active players in both factions. Unfortunately it didn’t last. As queues shortened on the full servers, guilds and players started to migrate back. Full servers were still open at the time and at the same time as we lost established players to migration we also experienced that new players stayed away (probably partly because several sites adviced against joining low-pop realms, eg: www_pcgamesn_com/world-of-warcraft/wow-classic-servers-best). This made guild-recruitment increasingly difficult.

For a long time it was possible to hope that queues would at some point cause players/guilds to reroll/migrate from full servers. The nail in the coffin to this hope was the reintroduction of layers and new spawn timer on black lotus. That “solved” many of the issues the full servers had, but left low pop servers in a very difficult spot. As things stand, there is little to no hope that the server population will change drastically in the near future.

In Molten Core we’ve had 27 raiding guilds. In BWL we’ve had 17. As things stand in AQ40 we’ll be lucky to have 3 active raiding guilds.

It is my opinion that by not acting you are punishing the players who listened to your advice to spread to more servers after the catastrophic launch. It will also make it impossible to get players to follow similar advice in the future.

I therefore ask you to please consider merging Judgement with a larger server or to open free migrations to a select few larger servers. In my opinion a merge/free migrate to Skullflame would be most welcome. That would also help balance the A/H ratio on said server.

Best regards

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