Merge more servers

These realms are dead!
why doesn’t blizz react and merge the super low pop realms into bigger clusters of servers?
It’s hard when you are committed and have 10 chars at top lvl, migrating them through payed system isn’t an option. Cmon blizz! Do something about this! I strongly encourage players on these servers who are fed up to cancel their sub until this is resolved. Strength in unit :slight_smile:


The game is dead for few years now btw i can’t login to the server any one have the same problem ??

Auchindon, Jaedanar and Dunemaul are being connected with Sylvannas.

Sylvannas is marked as high pop.

happy days for alliance on those servers as sylvanas is heavy alliance pop.
Horde on the other side get 1.2k additional player base. They should in addition merge in a high pop horde server with low alliance base.

Are the servers merged with Sylvannas now? If not is this still planned?

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