Merge this server or allow us to transfer off

Server is completely dead, let us transfer for free or merge us please…


Hi I just joined the server this morning. What’s wrong with it ? I play on AD but I decided to try and bring some RP to the other servers. I feel people will stay or log in if you hold more events and try and bring people together.


There are very few people left who play on it. No rp is to he found unless you join one of the few guilds left for it

I agree, and blizzard prices for server transfers are a steal, if you need to transfer multiple characters…

On the good side, its the only server you don’t get spammed with guild invites when guildless

I Just started playing again, and I noticed I’m alone almost everywhere I level. Still haven’t seen any horde players.

I have 7 100+ characters on this realm, and would like some more players on the realm, or at least the possibility to migrate somewhere else without paying a fortune.

so it appears the we are not the only server in this situation. Other low pop servers like al’akir are running into the same issue. Ion said himself that this issue needs to be looked into in the blizzcon 2019 wow Q&A. I would send it as a link but blizzard have banned this :rage:. from the Q&A they said it would come soon. I’m hoping that soon is the Shadowlands prepatch but they have been silent on the issue since.

So is there any RP happening here on either faction?

I RP all the time on DM and ER :smiley: i jsut walk uptoo people and start RP’ing. :smiley: getting a bit of a reputation around Ironforge hehe. You will find me at the tavern there RP’ing most times.

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