Merging realms

it’s something thats been bothering me lately and surely some of you,
my classic realm has only 20/30 players logged when i check, sometimes not even that… what about merge the existing realms with other low populated ones!?

the comunity is lacking there because there is no comunity due to not having enough players to build said community… please, at least consider it


What realm is this?

It’s been a subject for 4 months. Kind of died off now as people have moved on or gotten transfers.

It’s baffling. On my realm, now that transfers are opened. People prefer merge and I do agree, but I suppose we must respect blizzard’s will to uphold the integrity of server criterias of RP/PVP/PVE. I do not fully agree, but I am thankful that they at least give us options. There are a lot of players that would be very angry if criterias were eliminated by say merging PVP and PVE, which would mean forcing PVP into PVE having to toggle /pvp. Wait, is it that easy. Best of both worls? Nono. Becaue PVP servers are full of gankers and they can’t live with seeing anyone on PVE that they cannot gank.

There are addons that register player kills. At some point in time I found sport in having killed every player at least once.

I think those who are working for blizzard are some 20 year old lads. I don’t think they realize how to solve problem. Instead they make free transfer? How come making decision takes this long. Merge all pvp servers so we can get around 400-500 people playing at the same time.

They don’t play classic themselves so they have no idea. Last year I could find dungeon group at 3 am in morning.

I guess choosing an RP realm was a bad idea.

All other realms are connected into 3 groups. Two pvp and one PvE.

Just in case you didn’t notice

Not at all. Community wise best choice, tho we had our fair share of the usual suspects and some other serious attention puppies. We basically had a Trump also, he was popular, but had a good spot on my ignore. His greatest achievement was getting half the server to send him peacebloom.

It was never expected that the transition to TBC was done in such poor manner. A lot of players regret not being able to go back to the better ERA life and it just added to the situation.

It was also expected that a much larger part of the community would stay with ERA and not move to TBC, well it was my assumption and I was gravely mistaken.

On retail RP realm is connected with PVE. It is only fair to expect the same from ERA, sure not in the beginning, but at a time like this? HW will be kept up for less than 100 players, soon enough less than 30 when the HC project is over and fresh is on.
Was this not also the situation of AD before it got connected much later than other realms?

The problem is the population, lower than a snails underwear, since this is posted in the Classic Era forums I assume that’s what the OP is talking about, not TBCC or Retail.

Since the connections in Era, RP realms are left out of them, and the population I think is less than 100, I feel it rarely hits 50 players logged on and that is probably 3 hours on a Wednesday night for raiding.

Im on zandalar tribe, but dont mind going to another one, even if its not pvpnot rp… i just want to see more people ingame, because i cant dungeon, i cant pvp, i cant sell on the AH… it sucks

Firemaw for you then.

GL :stuck_out_tongue:

TBH. RPPVP should have the option to go to PVE.

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