Merging Servers that is low Pop

I would hope we would get a merge with a bigger realm soon.
Our server is about to die,(its close to dead) its even worse than it was before Pandaria , before the merge between Monglade-Steamwheelde- The Shatar.
We cant get new raiders on our server.
And it wont solve the issue by having X faction when the server is allready so empty.
To force us to move to more populated servers is just sad. AND expensive.
Ive seen the amount of active players on our realms have decreased tremendously and also seen people transfer away.
This shouldnt be the solution?
Is there some way of help coming towards our servers anytime near soon?

Im pretty sure there is similar issues on other realms. Save the game by saving the realms will make people happier and the game will up itself again for sure.

This matter needs to be adressed and looked at and done something with.

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