Message to horde

Now that i have hit level 60 i will spend the next few weeks camping the zones where i used to AoE grind and get ganked by horde, the cowards would wait until i did a pull and then attack me when i had 10+ mobs on me or when i was out of mana.

Now you shall feel my wrath :rage:


So you hit 60 and that’s what you want to do with your time? Pretty sad man. Pretty sad.


focus on lfr/being stuck at 1300 in arena, bfa trash

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Literally never stepped inside an arena on this character - it’s just my forum account, but thank you for you reply nonetheless.

God i love ganking mages

Shouldn`t a hunters pet run away after dying multiple times? i have corpse camped the same hunter for an hour now and killed his pet 20-30 times and its not running away

alliance did the same thing btw…

alliance would never do such a thing :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Counterspelling Blizzard is fun

Good luck killing us… :smiley: love see you trying!

first i pretend to be friendly, wait for him to do a pull, then cs blizzard and watch him die :smiling_imp:

Your a gnome, no one is gonna believe that

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Look who’s talking… I remember you did exactly the same to me at the Tanaris pirates, I was minding my own business there. But I guess the resentment was already peaking at that time from being ganked by others. If you want “revenge” then revenge the ones who killed you, not other players :slight_smile:

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