[Meta] Worth the effort?

Thank you, I will. Are there any other hubs I should know about? :slight_smile:

Silures, I’m really into my Vulpera and Undead at the moment :slight_smile: I’ve met some nice Undead players! How do you go about joining an RP guild?

There is also Silvermoon, just avoid the bazaar area.

Search around the forums, I actually part of a good vulpera guild atm, as for undead, depends if your char will be a loyalist or part of the horde. Check Grim Gest and Rotgarde for Loyalist, or Hand of Conquest for horde.

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Sadly I can only view AD as a whole as a bad place after experiencing a lot of negativity myself.

But with everything there are good sides, yes? Lots of nice people to be found. It’s just a case of finding them and when you find the people you enjoy being around it’s great and all that matters.

AD as a whole is very uhh… well, everybody fights a lot. And why? We all want our fun and stuff and when guilds rival to toxic levels, when people are so heavily focused on putting down others and shooing them from the server, fighting and arguing daily it gets very depressing and can put anybody off.

Dunno what my original plan for this post was but damnit. I hate and love AD. It’s nice we can all protect each other from the real bad things (you know, Jade witch levels) but then it delves to petty levels of tracking alts and stuff like that and we need to relax and be happier with people instead of always trying to find fault.


Argent Dawn is certainly more benign than it used to be, back in my day :older_man: if there was no current witch hunt then drama would be imported from ADFB to maintain the weekly forum bullying quota; Argent Dawn had a knack for also annoying every other sub-forum with this too thanks to the popular topics section. Now you just get people either vagueposting or the bi-monthly Goldshire thread.

I think this stems from arrogance IMO, really. There was always an inherent underlying “i am better than you because i rp something ugly”, though that has pretty much died out. It was always expressed through the weekly orc/troll from “respected” guilds who would stomp through Silvermoon interrupting roleplay to REMIND people who the blood elves really work for.

It certainly lead me to avoid Kalimdor as a whole for years, really, because the roleplay you were exposed to was incredibly repetitive and dull. Thankfully, the biggest offenders are long gone and you can really get on with roleplay without a stream of insults from Dragon Age.


I’ve seen a lot of solid Vulpera RP guilds knocking around the Valley of Honour, and in Orgrimmar in general to be honest, largely based on the ‘Caravan’ feel that seems to be an important part of the Vulpera ethos, as for Undead they will always be popular, because who doesn’t like Zombies! There’s the Hand of Agony, the Rotgarde, the Grim Gest are (I think) kind of heavily focussed on if not Forsaken, characters who can roll with that mindset, the Hallowed Host (Though I believe they are Forsaken -and- Death Knights of which ever species) There is Corvenus’s idea which seems to be Forsaken who are still trying to actually deal with Undeath just as with Life, and not becoming any more or less monstrous than the living can be. They all have their merits, and cover a broad span of concepts.

Main Hubs are Orgrimmar’s Valley of Honour, and the East side of Silvermoon. You -do- get some good RP’ers in the West side, and how they keep it up is beyond me, but the area as a whole has a bad rep, not Goldshire bad, but not great.

Brill used to be good for Forsaken, but obviously lore has kind of nixed that.

Best way is check it out, and go for what you like. Sometimes Guilds may close for recruitment, but generally speaking most are always open to ‘new blood’.

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Kicks down your door.

Warm sands! Have I got the guild for you!

We’re currently preparing for a big market event we’re hosting this Wednesday, as well as plotting the downfall of a former ally…



You reap what you sow lol

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Actually, not in this case.

It started, as I’ve stated in the past, when I was new to RP and would RP in Stormwind. I got a lot of abuse for it and from someone who was a friend and well, it got to the point of telling me to KMS and all that, all over the fact I just lingered the city as a bad guy.

It escalated over time. But that’s where it started. Back in 2010 when I was braaaand new so that left a sour note in my mind, especially when I would get invited to channels to be laughed at.

How is it any thread that talks about Argent Dawn or its community etc is quickly hijacked and made about Vaxir by Vaxir?


Not intentional but y’know, I do have to clarify things when needlessly jabbed at by randomers who seemingly don’t know much.

I suck at using the WoW forums on mobile so I can’t reply to everyone individually but thank you for your responses they are much appreciated, I am excited to start a new adventure on WoW :slight_smile:

Also, out of raw curiosity I googled Lilynore. 30 minutes down a rabbit hole and 30 minutes of my life I am never getting back. :joy::joy:

Have a lovely day everyone! If anyone else has advice I will check back :slight_smile:


All the best to you! Find the people you like, a place you enjoy and get going and all will be great.

Ps. I’m sorry you lost that thirty minutes.

“Knife ears!” But…but you’re a Troll, have you seen your ears? Does that make you ‘Cutlass ears?’… “Felsucker” But, but you’re an Orc, I mean -look- at you, your species quite famously did drink felblood, I mean, you even liked it, whereas we just got these crystals in to keep the buildings floating…for like…a year, then sacked them off when we found the ignition key to the Sunwell.

“Puny and effeminate!” Errmm, lets be fair here, it is always the other species getting sexually confused, not the elves…as for Puny, we did a pretty good job of messing with a 25,000 year old civilisation’s spacecraft, and pretty much with our allies did conquer the home world of the Orcs, which gives us a kind of higher success rate than the Orcs have ever had…and that was with 1.5% of our species…yeah, sure, puny…

Kalimdor was fun times back then, still is sometimes.

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You wouldnt get it


Like some others in this thread, I also struggle with having friends on all sides who more or less dislike each other. These days I fear that if I join guild/group X, then person Y will cut their ties to me and that closes a lot of doors for me. All my friends are important to me and I don’t want to lose any of them. :frowning:

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I will pray for your soul and sorry you had to see it.

Looking forward to see you around, I can be found in the valley of honor when I’m up for rp.

There are for sure people that should be ignored but as someone relatively new to AD sometimes it can be hard and often downright impossible to catch up with all the past blunders. However, people who deserved to be ignored often are both disturbing and disruptive in a pretty consistant manner.

As for a more “lowkey” type of “ignoring”, there is plenty of “casual” RP that usually consists of self-inserts and while I wouldn’t ignore those characters per say, I find that interactions with them can be very tedious because character development is not something those people seek and it shows.

There is an addon called Gryphonheart Items. It’s an RP inventory that allows you to make custom items with various effects, ranging from displaying information on your screen to really immerse yourself, or just things like books to share with other characters.

Like all things on the internet, GHI comes with a disclaimer to never accept unknown items from strangers. The reason for this in GHI’s case is a dwarf called Coldforge.

Coldforge was perhaps the most successful troll on Argent Dawn in terms of pure damage he caused, yet few know his tale. Since most people think trolls are just OOCers disrupting your RP with mounts, nobody ever suspected this kind dwarf mage who struck up an interesting conversation with people.

Coldforge was by all accounts a good RPer. He’d prowl the streets of Stormwind IC, looking for his next victim and roping them into RP. Before long he’d pass a GHI item to his newly found RP friend before going on his merry way. Using the item made your character spam slurs directed at all manner of minorities, both racial and sexual non-stop until you were muted or banned.

He went unnoticed for long, and eventually as his infamy grew, Coldforge vanished. To this day it is said he isn’t banned. I saw Coldforge the other day in Stormwind, but someone claims it’s an imposter who had claimed the man’s name.


I’m genuinly curious to what degree people will /ignore or exclude others purely due to association. Say, if someone never did any ERP in their life, nor was in a guild, which had any of the sort, but was friends with someone, whom did ERP. Would you choose to ignore or exclude the person in question merely due to association?

You shouldn’t be friends with someone who ERPs.