[Meta] Worth the effort?

i know it may be;

by now, but i do so happen to know a lovely multiracial merc guild who accept Blood Elves if you’re still willing to give it a go?


It’s perfectly reasonable not to want to interact with someone IC because of the way they are OOC (it’s when this is the other way round that it doesn’t really make sense, unless it’s like because they tried to ERP with you or something). If you don’t like someone you don’t have to spend time with them, and that’s not a failing imo.


i agree with this! As i have said previously;


Now more than ever I am in the market for a good multicultural guild on Horde side.

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Red Venturers is always there for you.


Ranko beat me to it, but i will 1 up him (love you really, Ranko) by directing you to their guild thread!


AD drama was better ten years ago.

As someone who knows and sees everything (yes I am looking into your private discord / guild chat rn) I can say the server is fine, there is no great “divide” other than an increasingly insane last stand of the ERP faction

There are only a handful of individual players that keep me from achieving world (server) peace and honestly once the “Lordains” come home to me, it will all be good anyways


i mean, its pretty much what Kump said. there were issues a few months ago, but everybody has settled down and aside from the ERPers and OOCers, we haven’t really had a fight between RPers.


I love rp’ing and I greatly enjoy creating stories with other people. I have been in this server for about 2 years and only recently I learned about this - both here in forums and witnessed it before my very eyes.

Because of the divide, I am too afraid to join any guild or community in order to avoid any unnecessary ignore just because I’m interacting with someone I don’t know anything about except that the person seems nice. Right now I stay “neutral” by joining no guild (or creating my own) because I don’t want to endanger my rp possibilities. Sometimes this whole mess has been so confusing and sad that I took a few breaks to focus on other things.

I have done everything I can to ensure that I follow the guidelines of the realm. I am quite conscientious guy, so during these years I have become a noticeably better roleplayer. I have made many friends and shared many great moments together. One great example was me and two other rp’ers banding together, forming this little, unofficial funny squad. We were three amigos. It’s a small miracle my neighbors didn’t complain because of my laughing - I was having waaaaayyy too much fun.

Today, these two good friends of mine are in different groups. I still interact with them, because they are my friends (duh). However, one evening when three of us were together at last after a long time, they couldn’t speak to each other because they were ordered to ignore ANYONE in specific groups. It broke my heart to see that. It really, really broke my heart.

Even my friends disliked that. I told them I understand the situation and I stand behind my friends 100%. But when I think about it more I really don’t understand why.

So what I have gathered as a relatively new player, this is all because someone said something bad, someone was trolling? And now we have come to a point where we must ignore not only that specific individual but the entire groups as well, dragging ignorant bystanders into it?

tldr; I’m a boomer who doesn’t understand why this drama is happening and wants to bring back old friendships and create new stories together with everyone, anyone (except obvious trolls and erp’ers).


That is ridiculous, and from having tried something similar before, I’d say flat out that they should leave such manipulative groups and join guilds where they are able to enjoy the game with their friends. No point in supporting communities that are dictating who they can talk to.


Yeah my heart is broken after reading Hurrgash’s post but I know dark lord Boush’s post will repair it


Forcing one’s members to ignore groups/RPers is legit the dumbest thing.


I think anybody who says; “I won’t Rp with you if you’re with X group*” is frankly not worth the time of day.

This doesn’t go for the; “I don’t want to interact with this group because all i’ve had is bad experiences with them”

*ERPers and griefers not included.


In-general much of the Horde side RP atleast for the last 8 years or so has been heavily Guild-centered, which is not a problem by itself, but it has made it hard at times for new RPers/fresh RP characters to find exciting stories/RP opportunities without joining a Guild.

When it comes to AD’s current health and the general athmosphere OOC? There are many who would rather jump into internet crusadery for five seconds of fame, to feel like they are something and matter in a virtual space and you of course have your fair share of people who use the game and the community they have built to feed their egos, but there are also many who simply want to tell and experience stories through their characters.

Also when it comes to the Forums as a form to show what the realm is like? It’s not really the best frame of reference, especially since the base of players who frequently use the Forums to share their opinions is much, much smaller than the in-game community as a whole.

This is a completely understandable opinion and statement to make when discussing other Guilds and no one should be attacked for expressing being uncomfortable socializing with a group of people.

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The thing is that you can only offer your hand so many times and have it bitten and swatted at at each turn before you finally give up and stop caring.

Is it good for the realm in the long run? Time will tell, most likely not.

However, where most guilds don’t seem to be doing anything about it, the PCU is spreading across the realm with new and cool guilds joining in all the time- Which fosters that lost community feeling. During campaigns alone the PCU can foster some ± 200 people comfortably, which is basically a campaign unto itself. What’s better, there’s very little if any drama in the way of combat or other things because the members are well connected and work under the same rules.
The connection with the other guilds is much more personal, because you know and interact with them all the time. Sure, we still but our heads from time to time and individuals can have disagreements or feuds between one another, but we still make do.

So in short: You want back the lost community feeling, campaigns, connectivity and making in-character relations and story plots that span over more than a few hours in random tavern? Do you want to SAVE the rp community of Argent Dawn?

Join us!


Yeah that fixed my broken heart really easily


:brokiss: xx


Everything in your post is solid. But I really want to echo this last bit.


Eh, that’s my problem: I have friends on both sides :confused: