[PCU] [H-Guild] Red Venturers: The Call to Redventure! 🌄

The Red Venturers: A Primer (Of Sorts)

Recruitment Status: Slowed

When one pictures mercenary types, they likely imagine the sort of grizzled rogues that inhabit Booty Bay; fighting, boozing, working with vague loyalty as they perform the brutal jobs others won’t dirty their hands with.
Perhaps some more optimistically see eager wide-eyed opportunists; looking for fame and glory, seeking to put their names in the books that would be written about their deeds.

They certainly don’t picture anything quite like the Red Venturers.

It is difficult to pinpoint exactly when, or how, the company came into being.
Its leaders were a long-ago part of the Horde’s military, though show no desire to return to the rank and file of life as a soldier.
Instead, they show their love and loyalty to the Horde in their own manner - using their freedom of movement to not only support the Horde during wartime, but also offering a hand up to those who needed it the most; as well as a purpose to the formally overlooked and misfit types that now wear the Red Sunrise-emblem with pride.

For the Red Venturers, no job is too small, no task too menial, and no endeavour too bizarre; so long as it all was in aid to Horde and her people.

They might never be centre-stage under the spotlight, but hey, someone has to draw the curtains and play the triangle, right?

Who Are The Red Venturers

In Character

Some might dismiss the Red Venturers as a collection of oddities and kooks.
They would prefer the term ‘eccentric’.
A motley crew of like-minded friends and allies, bound by honour, history, loyalty and a genuine love of the things they do and the people they aid.
From quixotic Death Knights, to environmentally-conscious goblins, it takes all sorts to make the Red Venturers tick.

The Red Venturers do not have a rigid structure, and make no claims to their lives and time of its people; but they still hold certain ideals dear.
The Horde is their home, and loyalty to its people and protection of its territories is as important here as it would be to the grunts and commanders of the Horde’s military. The contracts they take will often focus on the people who have been overlooked and ignored by other outfits; no job is beneath a Red Venturer, and no pay is too small.

Out Of Character

The Red Venturers is (another) freelancer-style RP guild. The world can always use more mercenaries, even if they are kind-minded bleeding-heart insufferable do-gooders underneath it all.

As an RP guild we embrace how WoW presents itself as a world and as a setting, so we’re not afraid to play with the somewhat silly undertone running through the World of Warcraft.
This mix of the serious and the light-hearted is something we all enjoy, so we’re able to find the comical side to our RP and our characters as much as we appreciate the dramatic, the harrowing or the tear-jerking.
(However, we really don’t want things to get saucy.)

Behind-the-scenes of it all, we boast a more casual atmosphere and laidback activity that best benefits adults with outside-game responsibilities and needs.
We’re a small circle of like-minded players and pals, who approach both RP and PvE with the above mindset; focusing on enjoying ourselves, rather than aiming to impress others.
We understand that life ramps up and slows down with very little notice, and like the idea of a sensible bedtime because of work tomorrow.
We take the game at our own, meandering pace.

What You Should Know


We’re best summed up as a casual RP guild.
Typically, we tend to have members who are adults with a bunch of outside responsibilities and so their free time for WoW can be limited. The guild is aimed primarily towards adults who appreciate or need a guild with a slightly slower pace, less demands, but can still be relied on for a good chat, eager RPers, and awkward floundering attempts at PvE/PvP.

We like to attempt a mix of spontaneous RP, planned guild events, and attendance to out-of-guild activities and events.
So while you might see us mucking in with the latest war campaign or server event, you’re just as likely to find us assisting a “famous” goblin ghost-hunter shooting their latest documentary in the Ghostlands, or putting down a runaway zombified devilsaur in Tirisfal.

Because of our responsibilities, those looking for a guild with designs for daily, multi-hour RP sessions or campaigns of breathtaking scale and length might find a better fit elsewhere - but you’re still welcome to drop by and try some of Awqe’s famous deep-fried Gnomefingers (Don’t worry, it’s just a name… Or so he says).


We’re usually online weekday evenings, and weekends too. You can usually hit up Watrus, Khaltarr, or do a search for Red Venturers if you want to have a chat with us for more details.
We’ll try to have a brief IC meeting before any fully IC recruitment, though you may get a guild invite ahead of time to keep things smooth.

Red Venturers - Redventure’s Out There!

Questions Never Asked

With Answers Freely Given

Why are Red Venturers in the PCU?
While we’d been on the realm for a long while and attended many events and hubs, it was the PCU that invited us along to their community after we’d attended Theatres of War, instead of watching us disappear again into the mists once the project was over.
Since then, the PCU has proven a grand home and community for the Red Venturers to be involved in, while also respecting our guild concept and vibe.
So, when you join RV, you do also represent the PCU as well. Remember this.

Are Red Venturers connected to, or sister to, any former guilds?
The Red Venturers are their own unique concept and guild, with no connections to anything prior. When we first created the guild, there was an idea that the formation was funded by the wages earned by the owners’ involvement in a military strike force called Squad Red Mesa. This is not so; all funding has come from their benefactor (and true boss) Lakvanoy Clawtotem.
Some members know each other and RP’d together in various guilds and they may make reference to this old connection on occasion, but they are companies or groups that are now defunct and have no bearing on the Red Venturers IC or OOC.

How ‘casual’ is ‘casual’ in regards to RPing?
We recruit plenty of people who can not log in daily, and can not always RP due to RL obligations or situations. We still expect people to actually make genuine effort to engage with the guild and the RP happening therein.
Examples; someone joins the guild, talks lengthily about character ideas, expresses a real keen interest in RP and then rejects every RP social session or proper event that is advertised or mentioned. They gone.
Someone joins, talks positively about characters and RPing, and attends majority events, but skips now and then because they have been cursed with parenthood and thus need to drop out sometimes. They cool.

What are the alt rules?
I’ll be honest. I love alts and also hate alts. Alts can allow you to explore many vibrant and interesting characters, but they also spread attention and bloat up my precious guild roster.
Still, the benefits outweigh the negatives and we do allow your alts to be in the guild so long as you are actively RPing on your main, OR one of the invited alts, and the other characters are actually IC and RP characters as well.
We appreciate if you think about your RV alts in terms of how often you’ll actually be able to use and RP with them.
(This applies to the leadership as well. If we also have alts going unused for significant time, we will often reconsider, reinvent or remove.)

If you yourself go inactive, after three months ALL of your alts will be removed and will be re-invited once you yourself return to the Red Venturers and to WoW.


One of the best guilds around. Love them.


Cool guild


One of the best PMC’s out there!


Old favourites of mine


Khaltarr still has no shirt, it drags them down to a 10/10


PCU ? Maybe. . .

A good guild ? For sure . . .


The P… The C… And the U?


love red ventures said it for ages


one of the best guilds around


Nice ‌‌ ‌‌‌


Really fun people both IC and OOC and an awesome concept. Join today!


All together…?

Must be a glorious guild indeed.


I approve of this message


All at once? Impossible


Tonight we took the mantle of proletariat heroes and cast the yoke of oppression from the necks of a group of abused Mailementals. I’m sure Dalaran will put some positive spin on this to save face…


Definitely interested in this


Recently the Red Venturers allowed for a member of the Prepfoot Tribe, known as Utoobu, to give them a ‘talk’ on the importance of preparedness and readiness in face of a second world-shattering cataclysm by way of Deathwing.

While it was safe to say the Prepfoot was ‘humoured’ more than really heard, he was later given a tentative offer to accompany some future Red Venturers’ tasks and contracts to see beyond his doomsaying.

Brainwash-breaking is a tough task, for sure, but perhaps it can be done.

This week you might be able to see various Red Venturer members at different Hallow’s End events dotted around the world, and we’ll also be using the weekend to finish off a long bubbling guild storyline in Desolace.
Truly, the excitement never stops.


Intriguing stuff! Are you guys open, specifically for a less than confident rper (such as myself)?


We definitely are!
Since we have a more laidback casual activity it can be a really good place to develop some confidence, actually, as you’ll be able to attend events and then get some breathing space after. Some of my current core members started similarly, even; returning after a long hiatus and needing to revitalise the RP bug as well as the confidence to do it, to take part and not just be background noise.

What I’m saying is… yes. New, returning, shy… it’s all good. :slight_smile: