Metamorphosis no female form?

Is it true that warlock metamorphosis only has a buff male demon form and no female variation?

(obligatory bodytype 1 / 2 acknowledgement)


Yeah succubus has body type 1/2 but meta does not, I can’t play like this and feel offended.


boo :c thanks

It would not surprise me if this is the one thing they put on a prio list to fix.


After hunts

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Did you just assume that metamorphosis was male?
Almost all demons in mythology have this shape and they are not categorized as a gender, they are not humans.


nobody and i mean absolutely nobody cares


there are 99999 open points need to be fixed and is this your problem?

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Frankly, I wish that Meta looked more like a demon / player race hybrid in general. Say, a larger version of your character with wings, horns, tail and hooves - but with a fiery shadowform style texture (think Balrogs) to obscure the finer details. Gnomes could have a more imp/ grellkin style model to prevent them from looking too goofy.

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Cant be a real post. 0/10


I agree remove this body 1/2 nosense and bring back good old male/female


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Ok , i’ll bite.
So… you want to tell me that you are identifying the Demon form which has its own identity as Demon based on the body type standards.
This is not only body shaming , not only you offend the identity of the form …but essentially you are racists towards it…because you neither respect its origins and roots and you want it to have a gender and a body type according to the stereotypical human beliefs… when its not even a human and not even Azerothian. It has its own identity and body type and should be respected for it and whatever gender it has if it has (forgive me i don’t know).

Ok, i think it was a good attempt.

Now to answer , no it doesn’t , neither the model they used had back there. The Demon Hunter metamorphosis forms however do have , but they use different model.
I don’t know if the model used in SoD can even be worked to have 2 different forms or if they do need to put work for it, and i don’t think it is mandatory , but it would be nice to make a female form for it as well… it would be fun.

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How can I change to succubus male body type? Is it another quest from the warlock trainer?

How do you know that’s a male demon Metamorphosis turns you into?

Yes new quests were added for the incubus.

Sigh. This has nothing to do with wokeism or female representation. But of course you all jump the gun and assume it is in your tunnel vision.
It’s the exact opposite. I don’t want to look at a half naked dude while playing a female character.

You are so laughably wrong. Mythology of all religions from Biblical to Greek to Islam to Hinduism to Oriental beliefs and folklore, is full of she demons and demonesses.

Hell, Lilith, the first wife of biblical Adam, is the canonical primordial she demon.

Demons themselves HAVE no visual form, of course they have no gender. Demons take / possess a form or manifest as something or someone in the physical world, a representation. These can be depicted with or without gender depending on the demon and religion, but are nearly always male or female and include a gender.

I mean we even have shivarra in WoW, literally described as I quote ‘The shivarra, or shivan, are a tall 6-armed female demonic species.’


I feel like they should add female morph too!