Micro stuttering since 10.2

Hey. Wanted everyone to know my potential fix for the micro stuttering.
I got kind of the same problem since forever and could finaly fix it, although there are different possibilitys what could be wrong with your system.

My fix was the following:

  • I got a 2 Monitor Setup and changed my gaming monitor to main.
  • Disabled any kind of fps limiter ingame (max foreground, background and target FPS)
  • Went into the windows settings (system>monitor>graphic>standard graphic settings) and disabled the hardware acceleration option.
  • Deleted my anti virus avira. The build-in antivirus does fine these days.
  • Disabled windows notifications, XBOX Game bar and any kind of background recording from windows or nvidia
  • I also got a macro that changes how wow processes its data cache:
    /console GxAllowCachelessShaderMode 0
    /console gxRestart

Some of these or maybe everything all together fixed the stuttering.

some other potential fixes:

  • broken hardware (cpu, grpu, hdd, sdd, RAM, power adapter)
  • thermal problems with cpu/gpu or some fans
  • old drivers
  • wrong RAM slots
  • wrong clock frequency. for this, you need to get into your BIOS and en- or disable RAM XPM. There are also most likely more than one XPM options.

I hope this will help most of you :slight_smile:

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