Midnight Magnanimity wishing the server well <3

To all my wonderful, talented Brother’s and Sister’s that call this little server of ours home.

Good Evening Darkmoon-Faire/Earthen Ring.

Those of you might recognise me on this Character, more recent acquaintances may know me as “Wólf”. Either way, anyone who knows me- Knows Wolf and anyone who knows Wolf, Knows us: Midnight Magnanimity.

Midnight Magnanimity was formed back on June 6th 2013, Not three months after I myself began playing World of Warcraft and discovered the wonders of RP. I had joined another RP guild that was around back then, and once the Guild leader chose to leave, I was the one the scattered members looked to to give them a new home.

I was an inexperienced Roleplayer back then and an even less experienced Guild Leader: But I promised to do one thing- Give it my best shot, and so I did.
Since then Midnight has flourished, we’ve grown from strength to strength, survived periods of drought and even Trolling while continuing to RP and try our best to get involved in community events and such- even make a couple of our own!

Darkmoon Faire has and always will be my own, and Our collective home server, Many of us have a collection of memories made here that will last a lifetime.
Earthern Ring merged with us and I personally won’t forget the feeling many of us got from that new injection of life in the server; From Random Tavern Night’s in Silvermoon and Ratchet, To Community Adventures in Draenor or the Broken Shore.

Needless to say this lovely community holds many memories for us all, and it always will.

It is with a Grateful and Heavy Heart though, That we have recently come to the decision to leave DMF/ER and seek out newer adventures on a new server.
From 6th July 2019 Midnight Magnanimity (The entire Guild itself, and its members) will be doing a server transfer.

As of late the level of RP and general population of the server has been noticeably… sad. We stood hopeful that things would change and that perhaps the community would revive itself as time went on or perhaps that Blizzard might make good on the rumours that us small RP servers would be merged, this doesn’t appear to be the case and if it is: it doesn’t look like it’ll be soon.

For a good two years (at least) now Midnight has stood firm in being a member of DMF/ER, In staying on our home server and riding the rough sea’s until things smooth out- Unfortunately however we don’t think we can wait any longer and so this decision was put to the Guild collectively by myself and the officers a month ago and the decision was made: We’re off to pastures new.

I write this forum post, not to glean sympathy or to gain the eyes of other, But merely to wish the server collectively the absolute best in whatever is to come next.
We might have decided to move on but I do, sincerely hope that things get better; that the server returns to the bustling little community it once was and that perhaps that little RP server merge comes to pass. Truly myself and Midnight couldn’t wish any more for things here to turn around, to see the server living again as it used to.

I also wanted to take this time to thank each and every single one of you for the fond memories you have provided over the years, be it through random RP or planned events, We honestly couldn’t be more proud to go onward telling the world that we hail from Darkmoonfaire/EarthenRing! It really has been an absolute joy to share a server with you all and I personally cannot thank you enough.

I also feel that I should thank those of you I haven’t had the pleasure of meeting; simply for being a part of our lovely little server, keep doing what you’re doing and I’m sure things will get better- you really are a community worth taking the time to acknowledge and thank for everything you do simply by logging in, and Roleplaying.

As I said, I didn’t want this to be sad, I didn’t want it to be a collection of sympathy, I honestly want you all to read this post for what it is: A thank you to everyone who’s helped provide Midnight with joy, and watched our little Guild grow from a group of abandoned Mis-match RPers into a fully fledged guild with an identity.
A Thank you to all who watched me, and provided guidance as I started my journey into being an RP Guild leader nearly seven years ago: From the bottom of my heart- Thank you Without you, I might never have had the courage to create, and run this beautiful little family I now take on this new adventure.

I could never tell you how grateful we are, for all of it.

I suppose that’s it really- everything that needed saying has been said: All that’s left now is to wish each and every one of you all the best, and promise that we won’t be strangers. If anyone ever wants to come along and RP; or to see how we’re doing you are absolutely welcome to /whisper me or send a mail in game:

(Wólf-earthenring, Shaelana-Darkmoonfaire, Thorné-Earthenring [A], Jeníffer-EarthenRing [A]) and I’ll add you on BNet.

(Jeniffer and Shaelana will remain on DMF/ER as I’ve already made and re-levelled them on our new server)

Thank you DMF/ER! Thank You for providing us with place to feel included, to be comfortable and to flourish. Thank You for bringing me to my destiny as a proud Guild Leader, and Thank you for the years of happy memories we’ve shared!
A thousand times: Thank you

We might be moving server, And going our separate ways, But I firmly believe that no matter what We will all have one thing in common going forward.
Darkmoonfaire/EarthenRing is and always will be: Home.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post.

Goodnight, Good Luck, And Bless you all.

  • Wolf & the wacky bunch here at Midnight Magnanimity <3
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It really will be sad to leave this server, it has been my home since Cata, but i wish for all the best for everyone who may be out there who are still RPing. And to all the friends that we have made, best of luck to you all.

Perhaps we’ll see each other again soon, and i certainly do hope the RP on the DMF/ER Server begins to flourish again. Thank you, for all the good times, and the good memories. Take care folks! And have fun!

Sad to leave but exciting new times ahead!

We take with us fond memories and good friends, to the future and our newest, biggest adventure!

We can come and check in from time to time to see how things are doing ^^

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