Midsummer Quest BUGGED

I have encountered many people not being able to obtain the quest ‘A Thief’s Reward’, and the crown associated with this quest.

I personally cannot also see the quests:
A Thief’s Reward
The Festival of Fire
Wild Fires in the Eastern Kingdoms
A Light in Dark Places

In any capital city.

Others have done the same yet they haven’t felt the need to make a new thread about it.

What is that supposed to mean? If quests that should be available aren’t available then that’s a(nother) bug to add to the list of things that will probably never get fixed.
Yea shoot OP for bringing up a bug!!

Those quests got removed in TBC because the items they awarded are now to be bought with the fire flowers you get from visiting the midsummer tents in the world.

The crown should however be available, I can’t get the quest either after turning in all 4 city flames. Also didn’t see anyone sporting the crown so it’s likely bugged.

Maybe it’s been fixed tomorrow. Some can just hope :slight_smile: