Migration from EU to American server

The migration of my account was accepted but whenever I try to log in it is stuck on logging into an EU server with 2 hours of waiting and I cannot even transfer my toon to an American server because they do not appear on the screen.

Why is Blizzard so complicated nowadays when all of this was done by ourselves back then with 2 clicks… It´s been a weeks since all of this started and I cannot even play the game. This is outrageous!

I’ve never heard of a region transfer or account migration between EU/US before, infact I thought this was entirely impossible?

Cross region transfers have never been a thing, I’ve been here since a month or two after the game started and have never seen them.

Hello Armigero,

As mentioned already there is no way to migrate an WoW account from one region to another and if you want to play in a different region you’d be looking at starting over from scratch.

If it’s still something you’re interested in, you can find all the relevant details here:

Why are these threads so complicated?
I am utterly confused why you thought a transfer from EU to NA was possible and even “Accepted”?

Please wipe my mail GM

Robingood - Gehennas

Quoting this for truth. You’ve never been able to move game licences between regions. EU Wow can only be played on EU servers and US Wow on US servers.
I also suggest you remove your Spanish post as, firstly, it’s against the rules and, secondly, people do understand other languages and the mods will deal with it.

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Microsoft own Blizzard. Microsoft have every intention of putting Blizzard’s catalog of games on their xbox pass for pc. They have all but said this is going to happen, but when is anyone’s guess right now. It makes zero sense for microsoft to continue down this subscription path limiting people being able to play or wanting to play. By having this game on the xbox pass is opens it to millions of players who would otherwise probably never play wow, and it’s not as if they [players] are giving money to Blizzard either.

What does this mean for migration? It makes perfect financial sense to close Blizzard EU because they won’t even be needed when this game ends up on the xbox pass. I suspect all accounts in Europe will end up on american realms. It saves Microsoft a ton of money. The sooner the better imo because it will open the game up to far more players, which this game desperately needs!

Of course they don’t, they want to buy Activision but haven’t bought them yet. You really need to keep up on current events.

Microsoft didn’t complete the transaction yet to buy Actiblizzard.

Also, the want Call of Duty more then WoW.
Because they can restrict CoD to only Xbox and PC and therefor cut off the PS acces, forcing them to buy an Xbox…

Making them more money off consoles + WoW is a nice additional money sink and alternative MMORPG for ESO.