Mining and Battle for Azeroth

Hi all,

Returning to WoW after 11 years, and finding the new content confusing. I picked up mining as a profession on my first character, but I find myself off in the Battle for Azeroth content, so in a different area to what im used to.

I found some ore nodes and mined them. They turned out to be Osmenite. I have also noticed that mining this hasn’t increased my mining level at all. Is this normal?

did u try go new island learn minning

I got the mining skill in Kul Titans.

Welcome back! Yes, it is confusing now.

Profession skills are now segmented by expansion. So you don’t have Mining 1-900, you have Mining 1-150 and Ourland Mining 1-100 and Northrend Mining 1-100 and so on.

In Boralus, you need to learn Mining, but also Kul Tiran Mining, for your Kul Tiran Mining skill to increase.

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