Mining and Smelting

Firstly, apologies to all for the dumb question LOL
I have created a Paladin player and have gone thru various quests in Westfall. Fun!
I have also been mining copper like a diva and now have 43 Ore bits to play with. I have also learned the Blacksmith profession.
OK here is where I get stuck.
I am trying to smelt my copper ore into bars to I can use them, however I cannot figure out how to do this. I looked on google and it talks about smelting in my spell book on the general tab but I cannot find it
Please can someone tell me where I am going wrong?
Thanks and regards

I can’t do better in describing smelting than this Wowhead comment:


  1. mine the ore.
  2. find a forge.
  3. open your smelting box in your spellbook.
  4. click on smelt (whichever ore it is you are wanting to smelt)
  5. click either “create” (to create only a specific amount of bars) or click “create all” (to use all those you have in your inventory).
  6. you will begin to smelt your ore into bars.

“Ah”, you’re saying. “Where can I find a Forge?”

There is usually a Forge beside a Mining or Blacksmithing Trainer. Personally, I always use one in Dwarven District in Stormwind, though there are many others.

If you go to and Click on Stormwind City and then Map, you should see them.

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Thanks for your help!
That also got my cooking underway!
Hugs and regards


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