Mining Deposits vs Seams. Unbalanced?


Hello Community,
So after i got (un)lucky today on avarius for the osemenite rank 2 for seams i began thinking and came to the realization that i rarely ever see any seams while farming or where am i suppose to find them?

Or are they just super rare and when this would be the case why do we even got 2 seperate ranks for them when 90% of the nodes are just only deposits?

(Zburatoru) #2

Are you farming caves for the seams ? Cause they spawn only in caves.

(Shopkeeper) #3

So far it seems we have quite a bit less of them compared to Legion. IMO: They should have never been a different skill.

(Nimrhys) #4

Maybe they PvP against each other :joy::joy::joy:


I come across seams fairly regularly but They’re supposed to be rates than deposits.

(Punyelf) #6

The game is evil, it gave me rank 2 seams before the deposits one as well :laughing:

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