Minor Gold Trade - You would get on Zandalar Tribe (RP-PvP) Horde side


Dear Community,

I am looking for someone interested in trading a smaller amount of startup gold (like 20g) on this realm (HW), would will get gold on Zandalar Tribe (RP-PvP) on Horde side compensation. We could trade this in multiple turns, where I start, in order to adress the “risk”.

I decided I wanted to relive my vanilla paladin experience but cant roll on Zandalar Tribe where I have my Horde characters as its RP-PvP and hence does not allow cross faction characters. Faction balance is very good on Zandalar Tribe (RP-PvP) so if you would like to play Horde in an PvP+RP environment its a good/best choice.