Missing NPC in Boralus Harbor

Want to do Island Expedition solo quest on Alliance but in Boralus Harbor:

  • I can’t see Flynn Fairwind nor Captain Klarisa on one character/toon (Flynn was there but disappeared, phased out, as I returned from Korrak’s Revenge during anniversary event),
  • and on another character I can see Flynn (and do solo Island Expeditions) but Captain Klarisa is not there.

I guess it’s not trial account limitation since I can do Island Expedition solo quest and trade on Horde characters with no problem.

Flynn Fairwind is obviously busy being phased to somewhere else because you haven’t completed the related quests involving his campaign in Tiragarde Sound. Try to get those quests done.

I have completed Tiragarde Sound quests as well as ‘A Sound Plan’ achievement.

Hmm… (10ch)

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