Missing out on social interaction? Bit of an anxious player? Have a look here 🙂

So two weeks ago a couple of us from Outland created 2 guilds (Vanguard Mafia- Alliance/Vanguard Triad - Horde) and a cross realm discord in hopes of making a lil community of players who are perhaps missing out on the social aspect of the game, sick of the elitism or are a bit anxious creating groups in game to do content. Happy to report our discord now has over 150 members and growing. Here’s some of the stuff we’ve been up to recently (some of these are milestones for people)

. Take part in dungeons they were previously too anxious to do in fear of any toxic remarks.

. TALK via discord to fellow members and get to know other gamers and make some new friends.

. Created 2 brand new guilds on Outland (Horde & Alliance) to give people a new home in a more accepting environment.

. Ventured into mythic/PVP with experienced members giving advice and no pressure.

. Learn more about gameplay by asking questions that they thought were ‘stupid’ but too afraid to ask before.

. Most importantly- HAD FUN!

If you find yourself sick of going solo in this game and want a place to feel included, come and join us! Just comment and I’ll get in touch.

You should check out Outrun’s Alt RBG runs, they are amazing fun.

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