Missing reward options from the Vault

In this week’s vault I (on my warrior Hellgaunt - Ravencrest) should’ve had 3 mythic dungeon choices (and 1 raid choice). I only got 1 mythic dungeon choice.

Is the Vault bugged or is that a known issue?

For the record I completed 10 dungeons between Jan 23-25

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Did you forget to open the vault LAST week? If so, the first time you open the vault you will get last week’s reward. You need to open it a second time for this weeks as it stores uncollected rewards.

No I don’t think I did, but maybe the week before this I did that. Good call though - since my warrior is my alt that could’ve been the case.

Aha, then you should be able to open the vault again and you will get this reset’s rewards. :slight_smile:

Hey this was the solution. I had forgotten to open the one from the week before last week :slight_smile:

Awesome helpå Shammoz. Thank you so much!

Great news. Hopefully the reward was something you needed… unlike mine this week! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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