Missing Transmog pieces from old BC dungeon quests

No, these are not dungeons from Before Christ, game’s not that old.
Stop feeling old.

Anyways, I have an item in this Paladin’s backpack called Haramad’s Legwraps. It’s a quest reward from a dungeon quest that could be picked up outside of the Mana Tombs Auchendoun dungeon, back before the Dungeon quest changes came in.

I don’t have this leg transmog available on any of my cloth users. Considering that I completed the quest, shouldn’t I have all transmogs that this quest would’ve rewarded available to me? Or should I just wait for The War Within?

If there’s other appearances that people are missing then post it down here, maybe we can get a GM to look into this!

It may depend on when you did the quest. If you did it back in TBC, transmog didn’t come in until much later on so likely that’s why you don’t have the appearance.

EDIT: After looking up the item on WoWHead it apears it’s no longer obtainable;

I remember doing this quest during late WoTLK or Cataclysm, I can’t remember exactly when. I do have the item in my Paladin’s inventory so I 100% did do it.

I recently undeleted an old Death Knight when the 50-character cap per server became a thing and through the updated transmog rewarding system that checked completed quests that are no longer available, I got myself Linken’s Sword of Mastery.

So, there’s my train of thought. If I was given Linken’s Sword of Mastery from a quest that came out before Haramad’s Leg Wraps’s quest thennn… Ya know?

From what i can gather (from WoWhead) both items are now unobtainable but the sword appearance is still in the game, whilst the legs are not.

No idea why that is though.

The sword’s quest was from Pre-Cata’s Un’goro Crater and it’s appearance is in the game yes, but I couldn’t find it in my appearance list -at all- before that retro-active Transmog adding patch went live. Then I had to wait for a long while even after I undeleted my Death Knight, which had the checkmark on the quest’s completion as True.

Maybe they haven’t added Pre-MoP Burning Crusade dungeon quest rewards yet?

If I check on my mage, the Leg Wraps don’t appear whatsoever, not even in the unobtained catagory. Maybe it’s a case of the game not having been given these old dungeon quests as a catagory to check on?

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