Missing Twitch Drop - Swift Windsteed

Hello there,

I am fully aware that there are other topics covering this issue, but they have been locked up due to apparently the “root cause” of this issue being solved.

But being the fact that I still haven’t received the Swift Windsteed mount two months later AND that the criteria required to receive it were fulfilled confirmed by Twitch support once I contacted them also mean that:

I was eligible: drop earned, drop claimed and accounts correctly linked AND on time

I just cannot let this go without some sort of logical explanation, and since my in game ticket answer was just a big “well tough, we cannot do anything, please stay tuned for any news” I guess the only other mean to contact Blizzard is through these forums.

I can provide all the proof that my account was correctly linked before the drops started, I gained and claimed the drops on time, I contacted Blizzard and Twitch( however they have said that they have limited control on the drops, and to contact the developer directly if having issues with receiving the drop itself) about it and so on.

Just to go with the same format that was pre-stablished in the previous topic, here’s my current situation:

I did receive:
Dragon Kite pet (3 months ago)
Feldrake mout (2 months ago)
Cenarion Hatchling (2 months ago)
Perpetual Purple Firework (1 month ago)
Goblin Weather Machine (18 hours ago)

I did not receive:

Swift Windsteed: (2 months ago)

I can confirm that I have claimed the drops on Twitch
I can confirm that I have my Twitch account linked on my Battle.net account management page AND had them at the time of said drops
I can confirm that I have waited 24-48 hours (2 months now)

I have no clue what else am I supposed to do, or who should I contact.
If I did screw up one of the steps, fine, annoying but I’d accept it. But considering it has been confirmed that I had taken all the steps necessary (adding to the fact that I received the directly previous and next drops to the Windsteed) to earn the drop, and I’m just getting bounced around without any resolution to this… it’s very frustrating.

I know the issue is ‘pretty minor’, it’s just the whole situation that makes it very frustrating.

Regardless thanks in advance for any support on the matter…

Have you read the terms and conditions about the twitch stuff? They mention a time limit for claims.

I have, and have claimed the drop 4 hours of eligible stream-watching later. It was listed as claimed on the page, but it never appeared in my account. I sent a ticket straight away to Blizzard, being aware of said limits, but as I mentioned in my post I have been told to “be patient, the devs are looking into it, us GMs cannot do anything about it”.