Mistweaver haste and versa cap

Hello all,

is there any haste and versa cap for mistweaver monk?
I have already 28% Haste but I dont realy know, if a cap exist…


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Are u sure this is still in game? As a mistweaver u get more than 120% mastery from gear without any penalty…and your gunst of mists still raises after 106% mastery

it still works like this but mastery is special.

Note that for Mastery, we are talking about Mastery Points instead of percentages, since every class has a different conversion of Mastery Points to Mastery%.

|Effect|Rating Required|
|Critical Strike|1% Critical Strike Chance|35
|Haste|1% Haste|33
|Versatility|1% Damage Done Increase, 0.5% Damage Taken Reduction|40
|Mastery|1 Mastery Point|35

so you take your 748 mastery divided by 35 = 21.37 mastery points. this is less than 30 (%) so you get no penalties. on the other hand you have 32% versatility which means additional versatility will be 10% less effective for increasing your versatility %

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but I have still a question.

If I have 32% Haste and I will get 10% penalty . Does it means ill lower to 22% Haste or 28,8% haste? The first one makes no sence right

Both makes no sense :slight_smile:
It means, afaik, the following:

Lets say you need 35 points for 1% haste till u reach 30%. For all over 30% you need 10% more points to get one more percent.

You need 35,7 points for 1% haste. This gets higher if the penalty gets higher!

Im not 100% sure but i hope i could help :wink:

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It’s worth noting that going above 33% haste on mistweaver causes fallen order to cast less enveloping mists so you absolutely want to avoid that.


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