Mistweaver - Linking back fistweaving with the mastery

Hello everyone :grinning:,

I create this topic to discuss about a way to connect the MW mastery with the fistweaving style of the legendary “Ancient Teachings of the Monastery”.

Right know the mastery is the stat we want to avoid the most which is ironic considering “Essence Font” is the trigger for the legendary and it greatly improves the healing provided by our mastery.

In order to make this playstyle more complete what would you think of changing the effect of the legendary to match the Chi-Ji talent ?

The new description could be “After casting Essence Font, your Tiger Palm, Blackout Kick, Rising Sun Kick and Spinning Crane Kick, kicks up X Gust of Mist” and X depends on the spell used.

For example (of course this would need tuning) :
Tiger Palm : 1
Blackout Kick : 3
Rising Sun Kick : 5
Spinning Crane Kick : 1 per target hit

By doing so it’s not anymore a raw damage to heal conversion, which could allow a better tuning to our damage without effect on the heal provided.
It could also solve the overhealing of the legendary by providing many small heals (Gusts of mist) rather than a big unique heal (I am looking at you heal provided by Rising Sun Kick which tops the dps at 90% health and gives nothing to the tank at 40% health :upside_down_face:).

Please note that I am not advocating for a buff or nerf of the spec, juste a more complete toolkit without dead secondary stat.

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It would work, Although I would still prefer the idea of splitting Mistweaving and Fistweaving into two different specs, like holy and disc.

That way, blizz could change the actual mastery of Fistweaver completely to be something more in line with damage, as well as make other adjustments to the spec without breaking the turret style healer. It would also allow them to fix Mistweaving mana problems without making Fistweaving OP.

Either way, some kind of redesign is needed, because both play styles feel lacking due to the existence of the other.

If you look at how Mistweaver turret healer worked in legion, that was probably the most fun spec ive ever played in the game, and fistweaving for me and lot of others is very boring and unfulfilling, we are unhappy about being shoehorned into doing it.

Having said that, Blizzard needs to make its mind up and either just force us to fistweave, in which case we will reroll priest or something, or break the spec down into two specs and let us play how we want to play.

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Both of the above things work for me :smile_cat:

There are days I enjoy fistweaving, I’d be very happy to have a mastery that works when doing so. Raids tend to work well with it, but some of the less melee-specific M+ affixes are fun with it too.

There are days when I’d rather be ‘lazy’ (or ‘safe’, if we’re talking about PvP), stand back at range, and cast a lot. This results in me having 2 different gear sets for the same spec - which generally indicates a failure of class design.

Stances is perhaps the least invasive solution. Red Crane stance would give us a fistweaving-relevant mastery, Jade Serpent stance would be what we have now.

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