Mistweaver Pvp Issues

I know this post wont help change anythong but i want to try.

As a long time mistweaver I would like to address our pvp healing and the large issues we have as a class.

I’m by no means an expert but I think we can all agree our Pve healing is good and our Pvp healing is terrible compaired to other classes.
Yes our raw healing is great but our big cooldowns are weak compaired to others.

Revival heal is less than Holy priest Serenity on a much longer CD. it can remove UA from locks causing huge damage and a fear.
How to fix- make Revival cast Eveloping mist on targets below 50% hp and not cause removed debuffs to effect us.

Life cacooon is good but the shield gets smashed off fast
How to fix- make it usable while stunned.

Fortify brew is just a joke. needs a full rework.
How to fix- cooldown reduced to 3 minutes for mw-ww. 20% damage reduction and 10% current and max hp.

we also could do with a pvp talent that applies both our hots to help with the burst dps.
how to fix- make a talanet which will apple our 2 hots with 1 minute cooldown

these are just my ideas from an average mistweaver. If anyone with more Xp can help, please put ideas in comments we need to make blizzard aware that our pvp perfomance is way below others even tho our pve is fine in my eyes our pvp side needs help

thanks for reading this to those that got this far.

Wait, are you sure about this? I think that when you dispel UA you dispel your silence debuff too.

unless it got hot patched it happened to me a few days ago. could of been a coincidents that i pressed revival as lock did aoe fear

First of all, I must admit that I have done 0 rated games as Mistweaver, no RBG’s or Arenas. So I will speak strictly out of my BG experience as Mistweaver here.

Revival is really strong in my opinion, it can really change the outcome of a battle. It heals and dispells multiple targets, yes, it comes with a backlash as dispelling normally would but the punishment is quite weak for dispelling so many targets at once. In normal BG’s it’s my go-to panic-button and in Epic BG’s it’s what keeps my team up and fighting.

Life Cocoon is quite weak, I agree. But usable while stunned would defeat the entire purpose of the stun, no?

I have been reading on both EU and US forums lately, and it seems like a general consensus that healers are struggling at the moment. The set bonuses on PvP-gears enables so many DPS’ers to 100-0 players in a fingercount of seconds.

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