Misunderstood World PvP

Been trying to level in Searing Gorge for an hour now, and have tried to kill the same mob the last 10 minutes… Do ppl on this server really thinks that killing low levels levelling is World PvP? Yes, you might get a piss amount of honor, but that is NOT World PvP. Whole fcin guilds here now, like the amateurs in “Mythic”, making raids to kill lvl 48-49 players… Blizz: Either raise the honor bar higher than 48, or open the BG’s so theese clueless ppl can go play with the same clueless ppl in my faction (that are doing the same thing by the way).

At level 51 you are green to level 60 players = honor.

If you don’t want to pvp do not go to contested zones, try instances instead.

Good luck!

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Maybe you should go to retail and play when classic obviously is to hard for you.

3months to lvl 51 :S

Hi Unleashed,

unfortunatelly you are worth of honor and people trying to farm as much honor as possible. It is not about proving their skill in game just about game.Best advice for you would be to try farming instances as BRD, Sunken temple then LBRS, UBRS,Scholo,Strat from 58-59 till 10-dec or enjoy real life activities. After 10-11 Dec Bg will open and situation for leveling 48-60 will improve a lot.

To horde priest here. Game is not hard or harder then retail just more time consuming. Unleashed here just have more real life stuff to do then you and I. You should try retail and run few 10-15+ mythic dungeons and do arenas in 1800+ bracket to get some decend gear and then talk about classic being harder then retail :slight_smile:

1800+ lol! After WoD mmrs everyone and his dog has 2.2k exp easy mode.

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