MM Hunter and Shadow priest looking for guild

Hi everyone,

We have recently returned to retail after going to classic (Wasn’t a fan of shadowlands).

My wife and I are looking for a raiding guild on Horde side. I am an MM hunter with a fair amount of previous experience and my wife started casually raiding with me in classic whilst we played there.

I personally used to raid a lot but up until recently I have not had the time. Circumstances have changed and luckily I have more free time to commit to the things I enjoy.

We are seeking a raid guild to progress through Dragonflight. We are happy to join any guild that raids twice a week (any days).

I would like to join main raids whereas my wife would be happy to either join main or alt raids.

Ill keep this introduction short but if any guilds see this post and are willing to give us a shot please message me.

Many thanks,

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