MM Hunter low damage help

Hey everyone,

So I play resto shaman and mm hunter. I ENJOY hunter gameplay. I am 428 ilvl on it. My average dps is 80k and some times 70k in mythic+.

Is that normal?

Because I do follow the rotation and everything but I am weirded out that I do such low damage, if that is considered low damage of course!

I’m sure others can give better info but a few points.

In raids you’re playing with a pet (or at least the one fight I checked), you should be using lone wolf which is a 10% damage increase.
You’re using aoe talents on ST fights

This is slightly outdated but gives you things to look at (it imports warcraftlogs into an analyser)

MM can do really good damage, have some cons but not that bad after all.
Maybe read some guides or IDK, the core rotation is not hard, the way you can maximalize your damage is to not waste a single sec in trueshot.
There are a couple of small things that you should pay attention to, but I think they can be experienced.
I think the biggest disadvantage in S2 is that it became very random sometimes with luck you have endless trueshot, but sometimes you cant get a single proc.

Mostly dabbling, but i’ve come to learn 2 things that might help, this is just my 2-cents so I won’t say it’s anything expert logic but:

1.) MM Struggles attempting to mesh between AoE and ST, and has been particularly not that effective in AoE unless some extenuating circumstances allowing you to take full advantage of a cleave situation. (PI, Aug, Nelth’s Trinks etc.)

2.) Its strength lies well into ST circumstances. And pure ST at that. You can take up cleaving talents, but make sure to only do so in situations where it will warrant you having it.

For example, it may not be worth running full ST even during Tyrannical weeks or else you’ll lose greater pace than you might by running full AoE/Cleave.

In a raid scenario, you will find yourself in better standards.

The only way we can really see is if you upload a log to, then can take a look and offer some advice.

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