MMORGP Enthusiast looking for a Guild in WoW Retail

Hello everyone,

I’ve been playing MMORPGs since 2006, but I only started playing WoW in November 2023.
After starting my first steps in WoW Classic WOTLK, I continued with the release of SoD up to level 40 in P2. I really loved it.
Still, I felt it was missing some modern QoL updates that couldn’t be replaced with add-ons.

A friend of mine then recommended trying Retail in 2024, so I tried it 4 days ago.
What can I say…I really love everything about it.
The QoL updates, the improved graphics, the art style, the (first) dungeons/instances, the main story and side quests and much more. The world seems so immersive and completely captivated me.

As an active after-work gamer, I would like to join a larger friendly community, with an active Discord channel for leveling sessions, dungeons, raids and the upcoming patches/expansions.

Best regards,

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  • I’m a Dwarf Fire Mage Level 27

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