MMOs for Roleplayers - which are left besides WoW?

it really is abyssmal and at several points has made RP on piken square almost completely unsustainable

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I spoke to some people who did RP on LotrO and the answer is yes; there is definitely still RP. The main problem - at least according to the people I spoke with - is the community on Laurelin is extremely insular and even somewhat elitist. Annoyed by that Elf that refuses to speak anything but Thalassian? Now imagine a game with no in game language toggle but instead the person behind the screen is actually using a dictionary to speak entirely in Sindarin. And god forbid you don’t understand them.

Might be somewhat easier for humans, dwarves and hobbits but even then I have heard people get super condescending if you don’t know the Silmarillion and the History of Middle Earth front to back without looking anything up.

Like, there’s totally stuff WoW does better; bubbles for one is a big thing, as odd as it may seem to some.
But there’s other areas it really falls down, and like… they just have to look? I dunno.

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ESO has good character customization when it comes to physical appearance but also how they walk etc (…albeit paid for, usually) and has a lot of neat emotes + a really cool housing system (although it unfortunately offers way too little house decoration slots for the houses in question rather often). It definitely gives you a lot of cool tools to customize your character with and to make cool places to set events and such as well, outside of the overworld!

Unfortunately due to the megaserver basis open world RP has been dead for quite a while (at least last time I checked some months ago!) aside from different groups going out into it for some RP themselves, and it is a bit ‘behind closed doors’ in general. If you have some friends to give it a try with, do it, you’ll get cool visuals to use for your RP and the setting is fantastic. I didn’t manage to enjoy myself there, ultimately, as I didn’t find stuff that matched my interests and failed to launch anything that did, but with how it’s pretty cheap to buy the base game and how it doesn’t require a subscription to play you might as well give it a try!

honestly the mere existence of TRP3 puts wow infinitely ahead of every competitor in terms of RP, it’s painful.


City of Heroes had a biog functionality as default. And this was back in 2004, they later updated the character limit from its original (admittedly they broke the paragraphing ability slightly as a result but, again, jenga-while-on-fire code. At least they tried)

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Can you give a link or idk is there a discord to learn more about that? Would really be intereated in it, cause i have no interest to move to the NA area.

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Events are still a thing. I attend elven fireside gatherings in Rivendell on Wednesdays, and the occasional musical performance. (I liked the recent one about the creation of the world, though my immersion took a hit when I recognized one of the music pieces being from HOMM 2.)

Here’s the Discord for the Chaos RP comminity:

My name there is Vielle Janlenoux [Omega].

There is also

Some people do that, yes. It was when I felt glad to have studied Sindarin. For most people it’s limited to common phrases (“Mae govannen” = “Well met”, " “Ma i eneth dîn?” = “What’s your name?”, etc.), but it’s still a barrier to entry and serves little purpose than letting people show off. You can ask for a translation in whispers, though.

I haven’t encountered any elitism, personally, but then my experience with elf RP is limited to just that weekly Rivendell event, and my character is inoffensive and strays far less from her cultural default than, say, Lintian does from hers.


As someone very interested in the Tolkien legendarium this has always been my main peeve for staying away from it. I love Tolkien and everything he wrote but the fact some (not all; but definitely some) fans get such a massive kick out of showing off others how much more knowledgeable they are makes it feels daunting to get into. Granted, my experiences with Laurelin RP is not first hand and rests on other people telling me about it so all of this might be an exaggeration on their part, but it still feels incredibly difficult to get into.

Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge. I still need to level my LotRO character first.

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My main peeve with LOTRO is not the RP community (I’ve found it quite inclusive, personally, for what little there is), but the outdated gameplay that makes leveling feel like a chore, even though I love the visuals (outdated as the engine is) and I heard the story is pretty good. I leveled to 11, lost interest and ended up buying a Rivendell teleport ability in the store so I could travel between it and the starting zone.

Also it feels like all the good names in Sindarin are already taken, and I can’t bring myself to use a lore-inappropriate name.

A shame because it has so many good RP-conducting things compared to WoW: a proper mount/dismount animations, the ability to move chairs around (kinda), the ability to learn different dances and even learn the dances of other races, the visuals being grounded and setting-accurate with no stupid rule of cool stuff, a variety of musical instruments without the need to install addons, etc.


Gw2 Rp is nearly non existant thesedays. its there, as said, in small crumbs or heavily French, but your not likely to find a lot in open world if any anymore. what little RP goes on seems to be mostly in the Grove or in Divinity Reach’s Salma District. if you like a human city district being run by goblingnomes invested in polyamorous rp drama anyway

Some things never change.


Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

When I started GW2 RP back in 2013, there were at least two active sylvari guilds, a very active Durmand Priory guild (which I was a member of), non-stop casual RP in Ruriktown, a weekly tavern event in the Grove, and much more.

Then everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked megaservers arrived. Suddenly sharding made it painful for RPers to meet, even splitting guild members, and Piken Square RPers were consistently put in the same shard as OOCers from other servers and even sometimes German speaking people. It was a mess. The RP scene lingered on for a while but just kept dwindling.

At least the Grove weekly event is still going on, though last time I attended it (a few months ago), it was just four people, including me and the bartender.


So was i for a bit, though it went down an… interesting path :eyes:

…Oh dear.

I was Fichraona, if that says anything to you. And yes, I vaguely remember the drama involving the leader, though I don’t remember the details. Only that there was a schism, but it didn’t pan out.

the bane of any open world, unorganized/planned rp honestly


The name doesn’t ring a bell so I assume we barely if ever met, as for the drama, i’ll be real. Even my mental archive of drama has a duration limit.

I only recall vaguely something about the guild being all about finding and locking away dangerous magical artifacts suddenly starting to hand out these selfsame artifacts like candy at ic promotions

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Anyone want to move to Hello Kitty Island Adventure with me?