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You can still think you are right and others are wrong without resorting to insults. Why do you have the need to tell people u find their intelligence less then yours?


Okay…then in my opinion, you are a person with real progress and development delay. Finally i’m happy that we found a way to express my opinion that is not offensive and rude. Thank you.

You’re welcome, glad you agreed that it is how you phrase your responses rather than what you respond :wink:

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Leave Emje alone or your buttcheeks will turn from blue to red.

Because it is in the human nature. To prove our point, we need to point out “how stupid” the other one is, so that our argument to have more “solidity”. Out of curiosity, in your entire life, you never called someone : stupid, idiot, retard, brainless, mindless…etc? I bet you did. And then if i come and “attack” you: why you did that" what would be your answer?

The protest was arranged by a Swedish Communist Group. It was publicised on social media, the forums and various other places.

You really seem to resent the MVP programme. You can read more about it here:-

I’m not sure how you came to that conclusion. My green text has not hindered this discussion.

Blizzard’s Rules

So you are all the victim of cliques but I’m the victim?

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Well yeah, i’ve called my sisters names when we were kids and arguing. I have however never done that on a written forum where i actually have the time to think about what i post before i hit reply. But you do you, keep flinging insults just dont act surprised when you get flagged for it :woman_shrugging:t3:


I’m not talking only about that incident. There where many cases where streamers crashed or slowed servers (realms) in the past. I speak in general…

I resent “special treatment” for “useless people” . To get something special, you need to do something in return. Posting cats gifs and liking Blizzard on twitter, just proves my point. No offence, but you didn’t answered my questions above:

For me MVP is like Blizzard today would pick 10 players and would give them for free the “Phenomenal Cosmic Power” achievement, just because they logged-in daily. I hope this analogy will make you understand.

Here we go…plays the mod…giving links. What-ever darling…

Why is it so hard to answer a direct question? Why always people need to bend it and derail it somewhere else. Here i repeat again:

Maybe you didn’t noticed the question, so being in a quote it will be easier.

I answered, yes i have called my sisters some of those words in heated arguments when we were kids.

And since then, in your entire life, until now you never did that? So only when you where a kid and a innocent soul you did that? Ohhh come on…

How many sisters do you have? Are they looking for a charming troll mage by any chance?


He has good taste in transmogs…i vouch for him.

You might have a wrong opinion about me. I mean I’ve been working for it hard lately by being a meanie at times but I bring free +15 carries, heroic nyalotha runs, mount runs to the table so dont cross me off just yet.

I linked the MVP programme which explains how it works and what we do. As it requires a separate answer specifically, no I am not a Dev.

I rarely ever get into discussions with people, and i cartainly wouldnt call them idiots (or any of the other more offensive words from your example) to make my argument seem more valid. That would only make me look like the stupid one having to resort to insults instead of sticing to the topic being discussed.

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I have to little sisters, sadly for you they are both spoken for :confused:

You’re breaking his heart!!!

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best of luck to them I guess… :frowning:

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So in your entire life (except the childhood), you never had a argument/contradiction with someone and called him one of the mentioned words? Never?
Phew…you must be some sort of Confucius…so much patience and diplomacy. I admire that.

Did you just said free? xD
Can we be best friends forever? :slight_smile:
I promise i will change my transmog.

You’d have to aplogize to Emje first. I can mail you a list of people you can be mean to.