Monk Abilities and Talents

I really hope we see an overhaul of all the Monk talent tree options. Ive been running the same build for my windwalker since Legion.

A couple of requests though.

  • Keep Faeline Stomp
  • Make Teachings of the Ancient Monastery Leggo a talent
  • Make the essence font bolts from Faeline stomp trigger the TotAM leggo proc it.
  • Give us back the legion strike of the Windlord, it was such a fun abiltiy to use.

SotWL was great, but idk if it would have the same feel without the low GCD that came with it (& FoF stun, 15s Para etc). But it was epic while it lasted.

Monk has a great toolkit, idk if it needs a complete overhaul, but it definitely needs some love.

Every class/spec is getting an overhaul in the next expansion – They’re bringing back TALENT TREES! :star_struck:

I personally can’t wait to fiddle around with the trees, hopefully there are multiple interesting build paths which are reasonably viable for different situations.

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for monk its a new consept thou its gonna be a problem because they havent had any talent trees before, same for demon hunters of course.
im betting on anima powers from torghast and covenant abilities implemented into the talent tree

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